Buff to Overdrive Injectors

(Luscius Uta) #1

Am I correctly noticing that Overdrive Injectors aren’t very popular modules and that Nanofibers are superior since they increase both agility and velocity? To fix this I would give a signature reducing bonus to Overdrives. We already have implants, drugs and command bursts reducing signature radius so why not have a module too. What do others think?

(Cristl) #2

A speed-boosting module reducing sig would be very counter-intuitive. Just buff the bonuses a bit.

Also, ABs and MWDs could probably be slightly nerfed a bit too, since years of power creep has made ships a bit too fast for the server rate, and these modules give far higher percentage bonuses than anything else. Imagine a world where fitting a prop mod was a choice…


The problem with your solution is that there is no problem. If i need to get up to speed quickly i use istabs if i need to travel long distances its overdrives. I have always seen this situation exactly the opposite to you, the nanofiber never seems to fit my needs, its always mediocre at both jobs.

(system) #4

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