Eve drifting

a new agility module that enhances your ships maneuverability to enable it to have wicked turn rate for a very short period at the cost of chunk of your powergrid or overheat damage done to your mwd/ab or shield/hull damage done to your ship. It could enable people to loot the battlefield more efficiently (both pvp and pve), avoiding getting bumped if you’re quick enough, improve tackling and brawling ability of smaller ships, and it would potentially spawn a new set of ships and modules into the game that give bonuses for that kind of activity, including more efficient salvage modules with very short range for salvaging wrecks etc.


Inertial Stabilizers or Nanofiber Structures combined with micromanaging of the Mircrowarpdrive?

This already exists.
The only issue is that you have to deal with the cycle time of the MWD.

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