Different broker's fee for multibuy compared to immediate buy

I made two different purchase transactions of a single frigate in Jita and in the Jita station.
One transaction was via “Multibuy”
One transaction was via “Place Buy Order”
Both orders were fulfilled by the same person and at the identical price of 301,000.

For the Multibuy transaction the Broker’s Fee was 100 ISK.
For the Place Buy Order transaction the Broker’s Fee was 9,030.

What’s happening here?

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It’s not really easy to unserstand for sure what you mean but as much as i can guess:
The 9030 is a 3% broker fee. This is because a Buy Order is an Order. You can set any price you want and it will place that order in the market. The same goes to sell orders. Placing any Order will cost that broker fee.

This is not the same as right clicking on a market row “Buy this”. There is no broker fee because you do not place a buy order. You only use an available order. If the available order is a sell order you will get that item for the price the player who put up the sell order asked for.
If you use a buy order in the market it will take items from you and will pay what the owner of that buy order is willing to pay for.

These are immideate buy/sell options and therefore never cost Broker Fee.

Back to your case: As much as i know a multibuy is always an instant buy, so will never have broker fees. Maybe there is a fee of fix 100 for the multibuy itself? No idea where the 100 come from but i’m pretty sure it’s not a broker fee.

More differences between instant buy and placing orders:

  • Orders allow you to set ANY price you want, in sell and buy. Instant Orders need to fullfillable. You can not use instant buy to buy for less than the cheapest sell order in the market. and you can not immedeatly sell you stuff for more than the highest buy order in the market.
  • Buy/Sell Orders in most cases will put a line (an order) into the market where it stays for a defined period of time. Instant orders don’t need that defined period because they are only valid at this moment. Orders will be valid until they expire.

Just if you get confused now: If you put a buy order for 10 units of X for a price of 20 into the market and there is any sell order in the market with 10 or more units of X for less or qual of 20 then your buy order will be put there and instantly be fullfilled.
The reason is: If a sell order / buy order can be fullfilled by other buy/sell orders, they will consume each other.

Example: I am selling 100 units of product A for 10 isk in the market. Someone else has a buy order for 50 units of product A for 5 isk in the market.
Then there is 1 buy order and 1 sell order.
If i would edit my (sell) order and put the price to 5 isk. Then 50 of my 100 units will be sold to the player who put up the buy order for the 5 units.
Same would happen if the owner of the buy order would put his price up to 10 isk.

In both cases the buy order will be gone and my sell order would have left 50 units.

Sell Tax applies ALWAYS when you sell. No matter if instant or with an order.
Orders will ALWAYS have a broker fee. Instant buy/sell will not.


This is helpful and answers my question. Thank you.

The Buy Order levied the expected Jita fee for me of 3.00%
The Multibuy levied a 100 ISK fee.

Here are the two transactions

You multibuy was an immediate transaction and therefor doesn’t incur the standard broker fee % (the seller paid that). Your buy order you placed incured teh standard % fee because it’ll sit there until someone fills it then they will not pay the standard fee.

Place Buy\Sell order:

  • You will receive more isk or pay less isk for your product because you have set the bar for what you are willing pay\receive
  • Set it and forget it while you wait to get a deal


  • Pay a % broker fee determined by your skills and standing with the corp that owns the station.
  • You have to have patience
  • Someone may outbid your or undercut you, so you may have to modify your order (someones very often)

Immediate buy\sell:

  • You got stuff to do and people to kill, leave the penny pinching to industrialists
  • Flat 100 isk broker


  • You make less isk\pay more for product

Your 100 ISK Brokers fee does not apply to your purchase: 100 ISK taken at 13:31:12, buy done at 14:42:49. You certainly changed an order (lower by 0,01 ISK maybe), which cost at least 100 ISK.

So, this is what you may have done:

  • 13:31:12: you change one existing order, or put a very low value order on the market
  • 14:42:49 (one hour later): you use multibuy, which is an instant buy as explained by Ach Aya and Dragos Highwind. No broker’s fee involved at all
  • 14:45:13: you place a buy order, but do not choose the “immediate” option. This does incur broker’s fee, even if it is filled immediately.

TL;DR Always check the time limit of your orders


Great observation. I didn’t look at the timestamp. Changing an order fits perfect to the 100 isk.

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