Difficulty rating for PvE combat sites

So, my understanding is that combat sites are given a difficulty rating from 1-10. Is there a way to see the site difficulty rating from within the game?

My current process involves taking note of the site name, then I have to leave the Eve client to do an Internet search or look at Eve university Wiki in order find the difficulty rating. For starters, am I doing it right, or is there a better way to do it? Or perhaps there’s a benefit to the current system that I am not considering?

You missed the tooltip?

It tells you EXACTLY how many Gilas it takes to do a site.

Tool tip?

Wait, let me guess, is the shortcut for that tool tip ‘alt+tab’? :slight_smile:

If a site is DED-rated then it should give pop-up telling you its rating the moment you attempt to warp there.

This is good to know, but I was more thinking about the sites in high/low sec (the sites that new players are more likely to experience).

deds are in HS, LS, and NS.

It was a bad joke, there is no tooltip rating if you go for unrated (because there is no ratting).

ded1 are limited to frigate, ded2 to destroyer (including T3 I think), ded3 to cruisers(not T3), ded4 to BC(no T3C) , ded5 to BS IIRC.
unrated have not such a limitation.

ded 1-4 are limited to HS, ded5 can be escalated from HS anomalies, and … I think it’s ded 6+ in NS ?

So wrong!

Bad sarcasm maybe :slight_smile:

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What I meant is that your post was completely useless (wrt the topic) and should be considered as such.

Believe it or not they really are in already. They are just tucked away in the Agency 2.0 where no new person will find them.
And nearly every pirate ship is rated “deadly” for some reason.

since when are rally points rated 3 ?
uniwiki rates them 6 https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Combat_sites#Anomalies

anoms with difficulty 3 should be the refuges, that you only have in HS (actually also in LS ?).

The Agency 2.0 uses a 1-5 scale for reasons unclear. My 10/10 difficulty escalation is shown as a level 5 in game.
Agency is kind of sent out to die.

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ok then… it’s a trap ?

If I had to guess it’s meant to be a star rating but that wasn’t communicated correctly and no one’s fixed it.

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This is very helpful- i didn’t realize it was here. Thanks for pointing it out.

Maybe it’s part of the new “chaos era”? People think they’re getting a certain difficulty level, but then…

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1/10 - Only Frigate class ships (frigates and elite frigates)
2/10 - Frigate and Destroyer class ships
3/10 - Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser class ships
4/10 - Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser and Battlecruiser class ships
5/10 - Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship class ships

2 Hidden
3 Forlorn
4 Forsaken
Class 1 = Hideaway or Drone Cluster
Class 2 = Burrow or Drone Collection
Class 3 = Refuge or Drone Assembly
Class 4 = Den or Drone Gathering
Class 5 = Yard or Drone Surveillance
Class 6 = Rally Point or Drone Menagerie
Class 7 = Port or Drone Herd
Class 8 = Hub or Drone Squad
Class 9 = Haven or Drone Patrol
Class 10 = Sanctum or Drone Horde

1-4 Highsec
4-8 Lowsec
8-10 Nullsec

And those can be helpful too:

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