DED ratings of Event Combat Sites

So, during the Winter Nexus, we have the Wightstorm Forward Base, one of several ways to earn goodies during the event. If you look up the Difficulty rating for them, it’s 1. Not unknown or some other indicator that it hasn’t been evaluated or otherwise is unknowable. It asserts, with no caveats, that the difficulty is 1. This is wildly inaccurate and should be corrected to either something like “unknowable” or a difficulty rating reflective of needing at least battlecruisers.

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I’m a big fan of having more variety to the sites.

some easier, some harder, and a good way to indicate which is which. The DED system would be perfect for it, but the current dev’s are kind of braindead when it comes to user interface and providing the PLAYER good information (see: photon garbage UI discussions) – This would be a great topic for the CSM to bring up to CCP for the event combat sites and discussion, as 90% of the sites are rehashes of old/laster year’s sites anyhow so this shouldn’t be too much work to add in.

difficulty ratting in agency isn’t a DED ratting.

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