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(Alexander Whemer) #1

Hey, I’m Alex. I love to write, make things sound pretty, and come up with ideas and stories. I also, coincidentally, love making isk. So I thought to myself, “Huh. Maybe the lovely and also terrifyingly sociopathic people in New Eden (It’s okay, we’re all a little crazy) would want some writing done for them!”
Whatever you need written, whether it be a story, Corp lore or description, a news article, a slogan, a damn jingle for your ganking service (Yes… you know who I’m talking about) I can get it done for you, and in a decent amount of time as well. Here’s what I’m thinking my prices are, currently. They can be negotiable.

100 words or less- 100 Mil

300 words approx.- 400 Mil

500 words approx.- 1 B

1000 words- 3 B

Everything else, contact me.

Again, this is negotiable. Please comment if interested! I’ll get to them tonight or in the morning.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #2

You should start working for donations before you charge so people can see what you’re made of.

(Alexander Whemer) #3

Well, you can pay after I write. If you don’t like the finished product, don’t pay for it! That way, it’s safe for the buyer.

(system) #4

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