What is the role of a dilpo(mat) in game and what in game and out of game skills do you need to be a good one?

-Possess a lasting interest in and a passion for the art and craft of diplomacy and international relations.
-Demonstrate an analytical temperament.

  • Write well and quickly.
  • Be verbally fluent and concise.
  • Ensure meticulous attention to detail.
  • Be a tough and effective negotiator.
  • Build long-term physical and mental stamina.
  • Accept dangerous assignments.
  • Study history.
  • Prudently speak your opinion to power.
  • Be loyal and truthful to your boss.
  • Know your political ideology.
  • Take advantage of luck when you encounter it.
  • know how to command and give Respect.

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Other important qualities

The ability to translate self entitled moron speak into something that resembles an actual language
The ability to deal with stupid alliance mates who continuously do moronic things without setting them on fire
A willingness to work harder at Eve than you do at your actual paying job for less recognition (unless something goes tits up in which case you will get ALL the recognition)
And finally the ability to not tell people to shut the ■■■■ up every couple of minutes


I love honesty

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There are no in-game skills for diplomats.

You’re basically making sure the interests of your group are represented when communicating with other groups. Making friends, cutting deals, making threats- whatever benefits you and your friends.

You must be convincing - you are trying to get other groups to give you what you want. Either via kindness, barter or force. And it must be believable.

You should be familiar with the politics in new eden. - Understand the role other groups play in the game and what motivates them. No good asking industry carebears for pvp assistance. Also learn about friendships and rivalries. The enemy of your enemy might just be your friend.

Be shrewd - You’re trying to get the best deal for your alliance. Understand what it is you want and how far you’re willing to go to get it. And vice versa for any other groups you deal with. And also make sure they deliver their side of any deal. Don’t let them write cheques they can’t cash (or won’t cash as the case may be).

Be opportunistic - seek out and sieze moments that can improve the situation of your alliance. Use leverage in negotiations.

That kinda sums it up.


I heard you have to be a meme expert and r/Eve regular to be a good diplo in EVE. :wink:

Good, Valid answers… mostly. tahnks for sharing. Hats off to the people that do it well.

Unfortunately there are no in-game skills or boosters you can use to up your diplomacy skills, but the good news is that there’s something that’s even better:

I’ve made some of my best deals in EVE with the help of my good pal Don Juan up there.

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Good Rum, in fact for the price one of the best out there imo

There are 3 types of diplomat in eve, not all player groups have one & the roles can over lap.

  1. Inter alliance diplomats who make arrangements with other players in the game.

  2. Your alliance CSM diplomat who informs CCP of grevinces ect, & lobbies for the changes you want in the game. They’ll inform you of up coming potential changes, suggesting investments or potential fleet doctrines.

  3. Your CCP diplomat who has a direct channel to CCP, they’ll often be lower level employee of CCP, previous employee or have an irl connection to a CCP dev. They will lobby for urgent changes, they’ll arrange reimbursements during server failures, ect. A CCP diplomat is an extremely valuable alliance or Corp asset, often they will be a corner stone of a group.

Previously in the earlier years they’d provide up to date fleet Intel, provide your group with extreme in game wealth & anhilate your enemies on a whim. The CSM exists owing to the actions of such a diplomat who got caught.

The role of the diplomat is to further the corporation and alliance vision through various non combat means. The real life skills to be a good one include expertise in round filling, extortion techniques, and sodium chloride data analytics.

One important skill as a diplomat is to be able to tell someone to go to hell, in such a way that they look forward to the trip.


I dont think I have many of the skills needed to be one lol

I dont know much about diplomacy, but I know whats an antithesis of it: dildomacy. Telling someone: “go ■■■■ yourself”.


The first reply has all the necessary skills, Eve is real yaddayadda so the skills are quite similar in both worlds.
Add to that an extra account for the diplo character, without the need for any sp, and a certain proficiency in using a myriad of apps for alerts and convos that you may have to use simultaneously (being able to say one thing, while typing an entirely different thing is a plus). Oh, and it helps if your diplo is backed up by a supercap fleet, just in case :rofl: And get VPN, there are crazies out there.

Also, if you wanna infiltrate a corp or alliance, lining yourself up to work to diplo is a great way to cause trouble

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Should be expert on lying and persuasion. Example: RL Diplomat can persuade others that his country have no bad intentions while spiting on another countries face.

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