What can they do?
Why did they chose to betray their friends?
Did they do it for a course?

If they are spies, the betrayed are not their friends. Quite the contrary.

Everything granted roles allow them to do.


How did they do it?
And what course?

What is what? Whatever it is, they are able to do it because someone gave them the necessary roles.

As with everything in EVE: Just because you can.

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Is it fun?

@Lunar_K_Rnlav Depends if they get caught.

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i imagine its just like being another line member, except you have other interests at heart. A good spy plays his role well but some just log in to see whats going on and where.

Are you talking about some specific event?

“Fun” is relative here. It would be “fun” if you like pretending to be friends with people, while actually just fooling them every single day. So, if you are a serious asshole who had some serious asshole parents when you grew up, then you might consider this “fun”.

It’s just a game, man. Don’t take it so seriously. Spying exists in the game because the game’s ecosystem creates a space for them. In larger alliances spies are a normal and necessary part of the game, just like the world around us.

Thankfully without the consequences.

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EVE is not just a game. For a game, EVE requires way too much commitment, invested money and invested time. COD, LOL or PUBG are games, they are worthless time wasters. EVE, on the other hand, is a lot more akin to serious hobbies like gardening, cars or sports. It’s time that that people realize that and stop belittling EVE as “just a game”.


To give an example:
Corp A and corp B are hostile to each other. Player X is embedded in corp A but passing intel to corp B. A director in corp A sends a corp wide mail saying he intends to attack corp B’s citadel at this date and time, with this fleet composition. The spy now passes on this intel to corp B, which means corp B can respond with a hard counter to corp A’s fleet comp, winning the fight.

You are likely a fountain of knowledge and intellect … am I right?

You misunderstood about what is spy about is and what is an asshole about
Base on my knowledge about history and economic spy mostly are people that are set to infriltrate into the competitive appointments, collecting vital Intel and then report back to their boss. They do it for the money but in the war time people do it for a course, to bring back victory for their Homeland.
But on another hand
People that friend up with other in order to exploit from them are asshole and those are no near as spy
Since spy takes alot of times and effort and if a single mistake could go vital, death is certain for spies in war time, in nowadays corporation spies could destroyed your entire career ;bring you down to the abyss.
But those people who are exploiting from people are just cheap and those are basically asshole

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EVE is a game that requires a great deal of commitment, invested money and invested time, but it’s still just a game…

That is your and CCP’s foolishly limited opinion.

Sneaky, little spies
with tiny, little eyes
seeking the demise
of all your pies!

It often depends
on other friends
to make amends
and funny ends!

Of course a course
without force
and no remorse
to settle scores!

This just as a spontaneous EVE nursery rhyme.