Goodbye EVE

So back when I had started the whole learning curve along with other newbies made this game fun. But eventually after everyone I had played with left I sort of went out on my own to find a group. Some moved, some closed. Eventually I found a group called muffins of mayhem. Well for one reason or another nobody is willing to trust me after that alliance. I wasn’t responsible for the billions isk ratting carrier the ceo sold out, I aint his alt (it was used as a tactical joke against senseless intentions) and in the end I never tried any heist. But after that corp nobody is willing to do anything but randomly spout “spy” in teamspeak or chat. I don’t have anybody to sell intel too neither. It seemed to me like people thought i’d be petty enough to ruin pvp ops i’d join at my own expense.

People think i’m a spy and I don’t really know why. But EVE doesn’t work solo if you aren’t willing to use alts so I’m out. Just wish someone was willing to tell me what the hell I did. I blame slander since again as much as everyone believes i’m untrustworthy enough for them to cancel ops (simply because I joined) and sell me out to war targets nobody has been willing to tell me why. The corp that pulled some “we are suddenly at war” you must join another corp ■■■■■■■■ (to get rid of me) recruited me straight from muffins in the first place.

and no you can’t have my stuff I already gave it to someone. The clock is ticking on biomass.


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Yup, Spy… Can I have your stuff?

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Darn. Bye Hal.

In Eve, when you trust someone you’re called naive and gullible and you deserve every bad thing you get. In fact, one of Eve’s “core” rules is “trust no one”. When you don’t trust anyone you’re called paranoid, antisocial, etc.

You’re now experiencing one of Eve’s fundamental paradoxical realities. You’re right and you’re wrong at the same time. They’re right and they’re wrong at the same time.

As far as I can tell, the only wrong this corp did was say they don’t trust you out loud. Because in Eve, you don’t really need a reason to distrust. Or rather, there are infinite number of reasons to distrust.

I know. What I say makes no sense. Welcome to Eve.

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Weird story.
idk why anybody would care about you spying or not. Maybe some alliance with no opsec at all.
Same for the carrier, unless it was officer fit no1 gives a :poop: if you awoxed or rmt’d it. Was it a super(?).

Seems a bit like you got covered in mud by folks (or yourself) and for some reason could not shake it off. Or something. Weird. Anyway, enjoy the space bugs.

Calling for

explain the reasons for this unfortunate existence!

Extract the SP and inject it into a new you. Then be sure to make notes to not do whatever you did this time around. If that isn’t what you wanted to hear I have a quick question.

Is the mascara streaming down your face safe for human consumption?

I was in muffins because I found it randomly like any other corp. The guy who ran it was also honest and not bad to be around if you hadn’t screwed him over so i’m not sure why people hated him so much.

So anyways I got space herpes from improperly recycled pod goo. I’m off to become soylent green, people. have fun or non at all o7

Wait, before you biomass yourself…

… can I have your suff? It seams you don’t need it anymore.

Why not join a group that wouldn’t care for a while? Red vs Blue, Maybe Brave Newbies, some large organization where you can Let go?

Or sell that toon on the character bazaar and buy a new one?

I understand the hurt, but it seema like you are just bailing instead of trying a simple alternative. And biomass seems extreme. Take a break, go play another game, them on a few months come back as am alpha and see how the world is turning. Still good luck in whatever you do.

Null sec corps are always like this.
Unfriendly to new players.

Just leave and enjoy other games if you feel unhappy.
Forget what they said. They are just strangers or nobody and who cares.

why not just make a new character and transfer your isk and skills to it? why quit… your name isn’t that unique