Directing ship in space

(Irridan) #1

Hi everyone.

Is it possible to implement is ship commands alike “Homeworld” where you press M, get a radius where to move. If you hold shift - your horizontal radius is locked and now you direct vertical direction on selected radius.

This if by far one of the best 3rd person movement direction.

you can see the example here:

Tell me if this is good idea.

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Activate Tactical Overlay and then click around.

(Irridan) #3

oh. I get it.

That’s great. Thank you )

(Garruk Brinalle) #4

Is it possible to set a position like in the video using TO?

(Marco Auditorre) #5

And try to press “Q”

(system) #6

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