What is this?
Do I want to allow this to make changes to my computer?

If it does (oops) have a valid Microsoft digital signature, it’s highly unlikely to hurt anything.

If it doesn’t, it’s almost certainly a threat.

DirectX is a bunch of API’s (libraries and tools) to let programs work in the Windows environment. EVE uses DirectX 11, or DirectX 9 if your Windows doesn’t support 11. Various programs, including EVE, will also have “redistributables”, which are sort-of like patches to DirectX that have been customized for the program.

Bottom line, if you don’t allow the redistributable, whatever program you’re trying to run will not work. So it’s a matter of whether you trust whatever program you’re trying to install (EVE or other).

Guess it is obvious but just in case: what she meant is if it DOES have a proper digital signature then it is unlikely to be an issue but if it does NOT then it most probably is an issue.

Heh, oops.

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