Windows 11 Eve crash "game client assigned has closed unexpectedly"

So, I’ve installed windows 11 yesterday, but since then Eve online stopped working for me.

Apparently there is an issue in the either the game compatibilty or in the OS itself and looking at the log files the EVE in Windows 11 cannot run in DirectX_11, either way, I advise someone using Windows 10 to not update right now or if you’re using Windows 11, start the game with Directx9 enabled.

This is the issue that you may find in the log files.

“bluepy.Terminate - Reason: Failed to create device under DX11”

The work around is to enable DirectX9 for a while, the game will launch as normal.

I’ve found the reason why Eve didn’t launch in Windows 11.
If you have Auto HDR enabled, you need to turn it off, after that the game runs at DX11 normaly.
Either the game isn’t coded yet for Auto HDR or Windows 11’s Auto-HDR is buggy, it’s probably the later.
Cool feature but it’s buggy right now.

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The best Windows 11 advertisement I’ve seen

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Tbh I just installed it for the HDR feature lmao
It’s very disappointing that Win11 launched that feature in such state, plus the it has alot of bugs.
For this reason I’ll never be an early adopter ever lol

As for me the MOST annoying feature is the new taskbar. App icons are always grouped and this cannot be changed.

Its not windows 11 fault, but CCP for not anticipating that a new OS possibly may affect their game!

There is your problem right there. Anytime folks early adopt there is always problems. Dont be that guy.


On the contrary, do be that guy, so that most of the issues are gone once the rest of us players follow. :grin:


This is why you don’t early adopt on an important machine.

A secondary one is just fine :smiley:

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I applaud OP as he and his fellow beta testers are the ones biting the bullet so I can have a convenient experience once the bugs are sorted out and the end product is more feature complete. :slight_smile:

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It was working at one point. Today is the first day I’ve had a black screen crash back to desktop with Auto HDR enabled…

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OMG! I just set up my new Windows 11 laptop and CANNOT launch the game!!!

I just keep getting: “game client assigned has closed unexpectedly”

I tried with DirectX 9; I tried with LogLite. My HDR feature is turned off… there is NO “automatic HDR” setting

I’m paying for a game I can’t play :frowning_face: What can I do???

windows 11 is the issue most likely…

“Failed to create device”

So they require replicators creating hardware now?

1 GPU please, to go. Oh, and “Tea, Earl Gray… Hot”.

Windows 10 worked perfectly fine.

I just wonder how long it will take to fix this problem with Windows 11

This really sucks!!!

Thank you for your sacrifice in going first.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions… oh free upgrade…

actually, my computer died and had to get a new one… not much choice involved

How long can this problem go on :weary:

Nobody forces you to use Windows 11, it may come installed but… what is installed can be uninstalled/replaced.

You could either install Windows 10 again, or a Linux distribution.

I just updated to window 11 today, and it just won’t even launch from steam.

I launch it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Eve Online\Launcher and it worked.

I have a friend that got a laptop to play Eve. Laptop was brand new gaming system with windows 11. Eve wont start. I haven’t found a fix so far. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, updated everything, tried to run as admin, tried to run in compatibility mode. I’ve tried verifying files, running in dx9, looking for a away to turn off auto hdr (computer doesnt have hdr). I get the same message as the op every time.