Client crashed unexpectedly


I recently bought a new computer with windows 11, where the old one had windows 10. Eve Online worked fine on the older computer but now I encounter an issue, I can usually open an account within the first few minutes of turning the computer on but after some point if I try to open a client it will say “client crashed unexpectedly.” Restart the computer and I can open a client again - for a few minutes. So basically if I have to close a client for any reason, or if I dont open it right away, opening a new client means restarting the computer.

I’ve looked through the forums and done some searches on this, I find other people reporting compatibility problems with windows 11 but nothing on this issue specifically.

—I downgraded to windows 10, issue persists.
—I cleared the cache, issue persists.
—I turned off auto hdr, as another poster says, issue persists.

There’s got to be a better way to open an account than to restart the computer, right? Has anyone else encountered an issue like this?

Thanks in advance to anyone whose going to tell me file a bug report, to google it, to check the forums, to make sure I’m running the latest version of windows, or to make sure my drivers are up to date. You are my true homies.


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