New laptop, Eve wont start?

Hey guys. When i try to start up eve online the log in client opens fine but when i click play on my account i get the error message “game client belonging to “account” has closed unexpectedly” and it just wont start. The eve client dont pop up at all. Any idea? have windows 10 brand new lappy

You havnt bought a connection pack for 40 quid :’)

It’s on the way via blockchain.

I am sorry to hear you are being prevented from playing EVE Online, that would piss me off any time of the day.

Is everything updated?
Have you tried re-installing?

Right click
Run as administrator

If that doesn’t help try holding ctrl while clicking on the launcher and see if that will open settings and if so, put your graphics to medium.

Edit: ctrl + launcher does not open settings. Sorry.

Without specs, configuration and logs, this is an exercise at pin the tail on the donkey.


Ticket to support could help with those issues but then there is a quicker way to kick start your New Eden RP by buying a mining permit.

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