Disable market in high sec for criminals

What do you think would happen if characters with a security status less than -1 would not be able to use the markets in high sec?

Nothing, they would just take the stuff they need from their personal hangar and fill the personal hangar with contracts from their alts.


Great, maybe they will be less inclined to commit crimes then.

They would $£! a brick. They would leave the game like petulant children and CCP would be heartbroken. That’s why it’s never gonna happen.

Or trade and industry will increase in low and null or maybe bit of both

How can we stop you spamming the forums with these horrible threads?


Wether they are horrible and spam is up for the debate. But if that is the case i can think of a few ways to stop it. Ignore me, ban me, or implement a slow mode. None of which seem like good solutions.

Muted works.

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another thread against gankers ? oO wtf … why cant you just play this game and dont come to forum to complain about gankers and how they touched you …

yes they are horrible ! an no, you dont want to debate !

I don’t think so. Also I don’t think this would be an interesting result.

Crime is not PVP

If the feature gets introduced there should probably be a one time option to reset a characters security status

More long term should security status slowly go to 0 if you stop committing crimes? Should there be an option for criminals to serve actual time and regain sec status in some way? Or maybe just have everything stay the way they are

It’s asymmetric, and therefore not PVP in the gaming sense, still it’s an activity that involves some kind of confrontation against other players so it is, by definition, PVP.

… remove that feature. Indeed.

Please. Stop writing before you think : think first, then write.

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