Disabling Message Blinking Function

(Robyn Steel) #1

The message window “blinking” feature is very distracting.

I cannot locate how / where to turn this function off.

If someone can tell me where I can shut down this feature I’d greatly appreciate it.

Robin Steel

(GM Mechanic) #2

Right click the chat tab and click on Blinking off.

(Robyn Steel) #3

Thanks for the help but my terminology may have not been correct in the initial communication. I’ll post an image to clarify the request.


(Robyn Steel) #4


Sorry I meant to load this one.

(Robyn Steel) #5

Can anyone figure this one out?
I remember there was a way to shut this feature off, I just cannot locate it.

Robyn Steel.

(Robyn Steel) #6

Still looking for a solution to this issue…

(system) #7

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