Disappointed Customer

I am very disappointed in Eve, CCP, and CCP Falcon in particular. Days have passed without an apology for what has been a terrible update. News has been scarce. Have you ever heard of customer service? I have personally given your company more then 500 us dollars in the past 12 months and this is how you treat me? I am very disappointed right now.

Nobody is happy with the current situation, right on top of it CCP itself. But ■■■■ like this happens sometimes. Get over it.


On behalf of the ISD program my apologies for forgetting to create a Personalized apology for the Outage and issues the latest update to EVE has created.

EVE is a very old game, and a massive amount of work has been put into it. Over time CCP needs to replace old, out dated pieces of software and hardware and there are growing pains associated. Take a look at the link posted above by Rovinia, as it will explain much of what is going on and what is expected in the immediate future.

As this answers your Un Asked question, I will go ahead and close this.