Disconnect in Abyssal & Normal Map


I been trying to play abyssal lately and have experienced disconnect .

I have researched forums in this site’s community and saw that most of topics are discussed in 2019-2021 and have not found any in 2022. So this could be a beating dead horse thing. But I think there is more than just saying “it is all fault on player side,” or “Don’t play if you have bad internet connection.”

Let me start with little bit of background. I have been logged in heavy hours (12 hrs+) for about 3weeks. My main play was to security missions, about 16+ a day. And, for abyssal, I played T0 lev and do about 10+ abyssal clears at a day. I only played abyssal for 3days, and of those, 2 days ended up in disconnected.

The strange part of my experience is that I only experienced disconnect on Abyssal play. I have not experience disconnect in normal map (Hi/Null/Low). Also, I did not experience any internet down when it happened. I know that because I rand other internet apps along with the game and they were running just fine.

It is my understanding that each eve map has assigned to different cloud “server”. And when you move from one map to another, your computer tries to disconnect from previous server and connect to new one. I think Abyssal is the similar system. Only difference I could think is that the server that dedicate to normal map (hi/low/null) is always stand running and abyssal is not. I suspect that game system generates new abyssal map and its content when player activates and jump into the map.

I’m wondering if servers that generates the abyssal is not stable as the servers for the normal map. And thus, when I tried to connect abyssal, there is higher chance for an error and disconnection. In my case amplified because I did them a bunch at a time. If I had only ran 2-3 time and call it a day, I think I would not have experience the disconnect.

If my internet or my ISP were the issue, I would have the same disconnection from the normal map as I have in abyssal. But somehow, I only experience in abyssal is strange to me.

I’m done with abyssal play and now I need to think about what I would do instead. But I’d like to hear what other players are experienced. Of course, it was frustrating to experience disconnect after disconnect , and I think it is what Eve experience is all about.

Disclaimer: I’m no expert and have minimal experience or knowledge in network. Thus, my thoughts and opinions here are speculation and could be away from fact. Also, I am here to hear from other people’s experiences/thoughts/opinions. Not to argue my case specifically.

You could file a Support Ticket about that, so a GM could take a look in the Logfiles if there was a Serverissue at the Time you disconnectet.

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