Discount Marshal

so before I’ve posted about taking ships and their standard base model and using the repair service in game to install the same racial subsystems on those ships allowing players to have some modification and varience in the levels of specific ranks of those vessels.

the following idea is an off shoot of this idea.

Discount Marshall

Discount meaning cheap knock off

but you use the same model as the marshal and instead of having all the fancy buffs and predesignating slots.

you just have sub system slots, which allows people to tailor a custom style ship which has that cool as hell Marshal look.

i just figured it’ll be cool to have a ship which looked like it and did a discount job, I’d be happy simply because my ship looks cool, fit it right, could be a nice treat for the community. increase the variables so that the player base uses sub systems instead of rigs and that’ll keep a lot of people busy for a while and happy too!

Why not just ask for a skin that makes your t3 look like a marshal?

because a skin is a colour scheme for a specific model in game. for your ship to look like a marshal it would need a different model,

so lets use that model and make a knock off version of it. this way the marshal still rocks and all that, but people can go “yeah i got this other one because it looks cool”

They only cost 7.3 billion in Amarr. Save up your pennies.

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And can I have a discount Avatar?

I only have a couple billion ISK, but I’d like to fly that hull. It doesn’t even have to be a Titan for game mechanics, just the looks of that titan hull on some cheap knockoff cruiser.

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I’d be down for seeing that actually, although if you wanted something on the titan level you’d probably have to make a smaller hull (so this would be literally taking the same model and shrinking it down to new size and recatagorising it)

I suppose then you could always argue its not about the size, its how you use it

Make special shuttles that look like miniature titans

And of course special doomsdays specifically for those shuttles. I’d like it to replace my rookie ship. ccplease

or make titans look like shuttles.

you can get a knockoff if you use the legion with the lasers subsystem :smiley:

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