SKIN selection is too restricted

We all know that a lot of the T2 and Faction ships are literally just reusing the hulls for T1 ships. Maybe they have some extra antennas or something, but they’re 99.9% identical.

And yet, there are a great many times when certain SKINs are only available for some of the hull variants, and not for others.

First off, I think it’s super cash-grabby to make us purchase SKINs for each individual hull variant, rather than having a blanket SKIN for the hull. Or even better would be a SKIN that can be applied to any ship you want. Why do we need to purchase “Moa Glacial Drift SKIN” and “Eagle Glacial Drift SKIN” and “Onyx Glacial Drift SKIN” and “Gila Glacial Drift SKIN”… 4 purchases, when we could have had a “Moa Hull Glacial Drift SKIN” that applied to all 4 of them. Or even better would have been a “Glacial Drift SKIN” that can be applied to anything you own.

But beyond that… the aforementioned Glacial Drift SKIN is one of the only ones available to all 4 hull variants. Specifically, the Gila does not have any of the others available to it. And all the SKINs available to the Gila are not available for the other 3. Now, before you try and say “But, the Gila is a Pirate ship and the others are just Caldari”… I say so what? It’s not like putting an “Ace of Podhunters SKIN” on the ship is changing their affiliation. Capsuleers aren’t Pirate affiliates anyway, so it doesn’t matter if the ship design originated from Pirates.

Besides, the Moa and the Gila are perfectly identical. And if you get the “Moa Guristas SKIN” then it looks exactly like a Gila. So why can’t I get a “Gila Caldari SKIN” and make it look exactly like the Moa again? Or why can’t I buy the Ghostbird SKIN (which is available for every other Caldari hull except the Pirates)?


I get it… They want to make more money by charging PLEX for each SKIN individually. I’m not really fighting for one-size-fits-all SKINs anyway. But I would like them to open up all the SKINs for all the ships. Or at least all the SKINs they have for a specific hull, available for all the hull variants. If I want to spend the PLEX on a “Gila Ghostbird SKIN”, then why not?


Yea I had this the other day, I really liked that dark black hurricane skin but I won’t buy it because its only for one hull if it extended to sleipnir and hurricane fleet I would have bought it instantly. Would be buying a lot more in general xD.

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I really don’t see them selling a single SKIN that automatically works for all the hulls.

But I would like them to offer the SKIN for each of them, instead of just some of the hulls.


It is a shame they would get a lot more sales :confused:

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This, what else?

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Notice how the lists differ between the various Cane hulls?

I’m not after “one SKIN to fit them all”, b/c then they’d really lose out on sales. Nobody would be buying 3 SKINs at a time, if they could just buy 1 that works on all 3. Or they’d sell the SKINs for 10x the cost to make up for the loss in individual sales.

But I would like to see those lists being identical between the hulls. Clearly it’s possible, since the Glacial Drift SKIN is literally available for EVERY ship in the game. It’s the only SKIN that every ship has in common.


And yet with every purchase you green light CCP to launch more skins again and agian and again in the same format that they are doing so now.

That logic only works if people actually are buying all 3 skins for every single ship, but they arent they buy probably only what they love to fly if it extended to all of the same hull then it would feel like a bargin and be greater incentive to get the skin. There are ton’s of ship hull’s where people have no skins on them if they felt it was more worth while they would be buying for those hull’s as well, meaning more sales.


Even though the hulls seem the same, because some ships are variations of the same hull, those ships are never exactly the same.

Have you noticed that even though all four of the ships in your example (Gila, Eagle, Onyx, Moa) have access to the Glacial drift skin, none of those skins are identical? The patterns are different. Each hull is unique.

I don’t need copy paste in space.

Edit: Okay, I was a bit too quick. Seems the Glacial Drift Onyx, Eagle and Moa are all different. The Glacial Drift Gila is an exact copy of the Moa.


Now if you’re in the mood to compare pixels… check whether the Moa Guristas SKIN is identical to the default Gila. =)


Just logged out of the game, but I guess that’s a copy as well if they lazily copied the T1 hull for the pirate ships. I’m disappointed.

The T2 hulls are unique though, which is what I had in mind when I made my previous post. I really like that there’s an ingame reason for flying nearly the same hull, but improved. You can really see the difference in the details.


I know the T2 hulls have slightly different geometry. But I’m also pretty sure that the artists just marked certain sections of the hull A and B and C… and the SKINs are just a way of saying “make all the A’s red instead of blue, and make all the B’s orange…” So it really wouldn’t be hard for them to import the same color scheme and slap a price tag on it.


It doesn’t work like that, they can use the same material but would have to repaint it onto each model.

As an example:

But they could still sell each skin as a full hull set even though it is actually 3 (T1, Navy, T2) different UV’s, up to them really if it actually would make them more money, I bet they have done the research thou.

Also I’m not sure why the T1 hull’s get the most skin’s when the T2 and Navi Hull’s are better :confused: I guess more people have access to them.


Considering sites like this… allow you to preview any model with any paintjob, I don’t think it’s nearly as complicated as some would make it out to be. =)

Pull up a Moa hull, for the Guristas faction, and you’ve got yourself a Gila right there.


Damn that’s epic.

Rouge Drone Iskhur is Magnificent * _ * what I would do for that…


That’s why I said, it can’t be that hard to take the existing SKIN patterns and apply them to the same hull variants. Or even to any hull variant, if that site is any proof.

I would love to purchase a single Ghostbird SKIN, and apply the look to EVERY ship that I own. But I know that’s never going to happen. Still, I’d like to be able to buy a Gila Ghostbird SKIN considering it’s available for the rest of the variants, including the T1 which is identical to the Pirate.


But that isn’t what they did, they created different colour schemes for the T2 hulls instead of doing a cheap copy paste job. And I don’t mind buying skins for (slightly) different hulls if the skins aren’t cheap copy paste jobs.



And here I was wishing for the good old days before skins, skill injectors, alpha/omega clone, aurum, plex, and all that other jazz which was never part of the New Eden blueprint… I really do miss the old school learning and advanced learning skills - it set the standard for those who were tucked in for the long haul and those who could open their wallet and spend real cash on ones and zeros…

Damn… do I sound old?



Personally I agree with the OP. I’d rather have each skin license be available for specific hull types, not specific ships.

For example, you purchase a Nefantar skin license for all Rifter hull variants which can then be applied to Rifter, Jaguar, Wolf and Freki ships.