[SKINs] Separate or all-in-one SKINs for T1, T2, Navy versions

Right now there is a sale going on. They sell Orange Octopus SKINs at 25% discount. Which is a nice discount and which are quite nice looking SKINs, I must say.

But, and its a really great but for me…

Caracal Orange Octopus, Caracal Navy Orange Octopus, Cerberus Orange Octopus
Raven Orange Octopus, Raven Navy Orange Octopus, Golem Orange Octopus

I feel cheated or scammed every time I buy a separate SKIN for T1, Navy and T2 version of essentially the same hull. I know many people think SKINs altogether are a scam, but let’s suppose it’s necessary F2P microtransaction lesser evil thing.

I understand it’s marketing stuff and all that. But as I understand it, marketing is supposed to be about customer satisfaction. I think I would be more satisfied if I would get 3-in-1 SKIN even if I had to pay triple price for that, which would be the same result for both parties, but with less feeling cheated.

So how do you people think is it better? One SKIN for all but triple the price, or fine as it is, i.e. one is able to decide to buy this one, but not that one SKIN? Or both options should be available?

  • A single all-in-one SKIN for all versions of the same hull (T1, T2, Navy)
  • Fine as it is now (separate SKIN for every version)
  • Both options together
  • Don’t care about SKINs

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I don’t want to pay for all if I don’t fly the t1 ship for example

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So far half of the votes are in support of all-in-one or both options. Lets vote some more.

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