Starter Pack SKINs for one ship or all?

Good day everyone,

I have a question about the starter packs and the SKINs in it. (Searched some days now, but couldn’t find a answer to this :sweat_smile: )

Are the SKINs in these pack always for one ship (e.g. bronze pack ‘VENTURE LODESTRIKE SKIN’ only for Venture) or are these for all the ship classes (e.g. for Venture, Procurer and so on)?

And if only for one ship, do the SKINs change now and then (e.g. this time the Venture next month/year the Procurer) or do they stay the same in the packs?

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Only for the ships mentioned in the name of the skin or listed in the offer.

Skins can change but you can buy a Starter Pack only once per account.


Ah okay, alright, thank you :smiley:
Then I will wait, some packs don’t have SKINs for ships I own/want to own :+1:

But I could buy e.g. the bronze and the platinum (and later the silver and/or the gold), but I can’t buy 2 platinum right?

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Right, you can only buy one pack type per account…

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Okay, thanks :smile:

Thank you both for the quick help. :smiley:

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