SKINS get under mine

We only have 400 ships or thereabouts, and there seems no end in sight to the amount of SKIN each ship will get.

Which is great news for graphic artists everywhere. They can rejoice in repainting ships for life.

But where is the player’s chance to be creative?

Why does every game dev want to monopolize the fun of creation?

Yes, yes, yes, every game dev says that no, players would only make giant pink dildos with their god given right to create. Which is obviously why games like Minecraft failed so badly, people concentrated too much on flying dildos when given a chance to create.

At least give us the chance to repaint? Or choose the colours?

Perhaps we could have a Forum SKIN or Cake Day SKIN we could at least choose the colours of, pink icing and giant dildos would have to be options obviously.

I’d be happy with a flying cupcake capsule for my Cake Day (with optional candle)

Thank you in advance CCP.

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Cake Day SKINs for soe ships with pink icing? And make the engine trail a collection of sparkly cake crumbs


My only issue with SKINs, is the requirement to buy the same one over and over for the same hull design.

For example, Thorax / Phobos / Deimos / Vigilant… They’re all the same hull design, but we need to buy the exact same SKINs 4 times if we like the look. Why can’t there be a single SKIN for the “Thorax hull” that works on all 4x?


It’s a question many men have… Why do women have so many shoes?!

It’s basically the same thing here. It’s about having a collection, possibly a complete collection even, and not about having a practical SKIN, one which fits many.


Why? Easy:


If given the choice to change skin colors on ships I can guarantee you that 99% of all player ships would be either hot pink, chrome, gold, or matte black. It’s the same in any other game that allows some type of color or skin change on items/vehicles/etc…

Black and yellow striped here, with the occasional rainbow. :wink:

Knowing what I know about how players abuse the corp name, ship name and pos name systems, I thank god players can’t design SKINs.

EA let Sims players design whatever they wanted for Sims 2 and 3…at some point, full feature sex showers, nude patches, giant naked babies, sofas made of raw hamburger meat and torture dungeons existed on the player run market.

Why aren’t Minmatar capital ship skins present in New Eden Store at the moment?

CCP ran out of duct tape.


System was designed with idea to rip money off players who want to customize something. Do I have to remind everybody who and why made monocles cost $70?

Why does it bother you if someone else gets enjoyment out of customizing their ship?
I like being able to choose what my ship looks like.


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