Fashion Fits!

So i was thinking about the new system with the ever marks… and in my mind i was like man, u can do so much more with the concept:

what if u could buy ship cosmetics with isk/lp/$ not just skins or emblems but themed hardware additions tht make a ship look more aggressive or more sleek but only in a cosmetic way, i see this could create a whole new section of gameplay who has the most badass fit AND badass style like in warframe u have fashion frame we should get fashion fits it would be alot of fun and also good for the game economically it will generate a lot new kind of social media posts and perhaps new content to get these apparels. excuse me for my English guys… well this was my idea and i really wonder how other pilots look on this idea!!

gr subzs

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That’s already being planned.

That time stamp is specifically the heraldry portion. And a little bit later, @ 1:14:28 they show an image of “attachments” which I assume will be used to present rigs… so the player can look at the ship model and understand what rigs are fit to the target.

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