Corporation / Alliance Uniforms

so I was just flicking through twitter ( a platform I rarely use) and I saw the scope video of the initiative leaving the imperium and the animations in the video seem to be wearing their alliance colours, there is clearly a yellow and black theme for what I would interpret as imperium / goon diplomats, perhaps as part of heraldry or as an expansion of corporation / alliance management a player could design their own corporation uniforms which players could redeem with evermarks, or more importantly the corporation would need evermarks to create them?

just thought it would be cool.

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considering you saw it in their marketing material, it’s probably a good bet it’ll be coming in the future. Though, we may have to wait for the shooter integration.

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I know its been in development for a while but i mean a release sometime within our life times would be nice. or is this going to be CCP’s version of half life 3?

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