[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

yea if only I wanted to pay 20$ for a game riddled with bugs, poor develoipement and dwindling player counts. That definately sounds like the game I wanna keep playing


So, the picture with the guy smoking what could possibly, but cannot be confirmed, be an elicit substance is over the line. I think that is the most accurate visual representation of the decision making process they used here. That is my feedback. They’re crackheads if they think this is a good idea. Picture or not thats what they are.


I just came back to EVE two months ago. I’m running 5 accounts. All are up for renewal in about a week. Won’t be happening. There are cheaper games out there THAT HAVE REGULAR UPDATES AND EXPANSIONS. I always liked EVE but I’m outta here for good now.

He just said it. The feedback isnt even for CCP. But the ccp community. And yet it was a ccp dev who made the original thread.


Your jump in logic is honestly impressive. I’ll break it down.

The feed back in this thread is for the CCP Community Team, including CCP Staff and CCP Developers. Im not sure how I can make this more obvious.


Would you like to recomment on this?

I don’t get most of the posts here. There is a global post-Covid inflation, which was expected. Yes, everything costs more than before, but you must understand one thing - developers are people… they too have bills to pay and they are also affected by the inflation. So what do you all expect? For CCP to “take one for the team” and their workers to tank the inflation because it’s too much for you to pay 2 espressos a month more for the game?

I don’t like price rises either, but this whole inflation thing is laughable, especially since everyone knew it was coming more than 2 years ago (and had time to prepare) when all this Covid thing started. I know very well what real inflation looks like:

So, I’m keeping my sub and will continue to play the game - because I understand that developers are people living through this inflation as well.

(Note: I am not and was not employee of CCP, in case someone might suggest that.)


So if thats what you’re saying then what you’re doing is limiting what feedback makes it to ccp. By shadow deleting comments. So you are doing exactly what this “community” has been accusing you of doing.

Thanks for the clarification

Stop moving threads arround willy-nilly

you essentially censor and silence people by moving them into this mass thread

this whole topic is huge and deserves a LOT more space than this tiny thread allone.

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The Email we are all responding to was from CCP not ISD’s

It asked us to provide feedback and thoughts on what we think of this.

For the developers and people in charge to act upon anything they need all of the feedback, good and bad because it provides a balance to the feedback.

By censoring feedback regardless of your thoughts on it on a subject as touchy as this one you are hindering the people at the top in making an informed choice on whether to go ahead or change anything about this.

But fine I already voted for this with my wallet, I’ll provide feedback on twitter now instead where you can’t delete and censor it.

I disagree.

Have Feedback in one place, in one area, were everyone can see and read it, including CCP Staff, is far more organized and beneficial too feedback.

Ok break this one down for me please, I’ve already asked but seems was ignored . You closed a different thread where someone was asking how many accounts were people going to un subscribe , was that abuse ? No I don’t think it was so why did you close the thread ? Why ???

Good and bad feedback has always been allowed.

A few posts have been removed because they were referencing illegal/prohibited content based on forum Guidelines.

Yeah, it’s a steep hike, but if you really can’t afford an extra couple bucks a month, you should probably spend less time playing video games and more getting an education or a better job. Just buy a year’s worth of time at the sale price (cheaper at the moment than buying a full year,) and make it your goal to make enough money a year from now that you don’t waste time complaining about a couple more bucks for a service you subscribe to that hasn’t changed its price in 18 years.

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CCP is already profitable, this is an attempt to make more money. Considering the amount of ways the community has suggested CCP make more money which doesn’t include everything they’ve thus far which CCP have ignored… The inflation point is moot

By ur damage control u wont suceed, this will make big headlines even beyond eve community

and the feedback is a big: F U !

The thread was moved to this one. The post was simply moved.

While you’re making great financial decisions, would you like to weigh in on Florida politics?

hey look I had to log into another account just to keep posting. They’ve now limited every one to 5 posts per forum page. UNREAL the censorship here


Except its not “a few posts” you’re censoring what feedback makes it to CCP… on a thread started by CCP… to recieve feed back on… im not sure how to make this more clear