[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

Last time I checked, F2P games were plenty, and even EVE Online can be played for free. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Thn get rid of OMEGA and make everyone play for free.

ignore Aiko, she tend to derail evry thread for her virtual ego


The true definition of Addiction is here folks.

We are all the Junkies

And CCP is the Pusher

It’s classic.

The “drug” costs more, but we are not getting a better “high”


Is that so? Did you do your research? What is “substantially” more in numbers - and relative to what?

(i find a number of under 40k dollars not that substantially…it is actually 5-15k lower than the average in the US or UK). And don’t forget, you have to relocate to iceland, which has high living costs.)

A: According to Iceland Statistics, the average salary in Iceland is ISK 635,000 (US 4,370 , EUR 4,200) before tax per month

I’m a returning player who was looking forward to getting back into Eve after a long break… but that subscription price is a no-go and is pure greed. Looks like I won’t be returning after all, very disappointing tbh.

Yea alpha gets no respect, they get the 1400s up the ass.

There’s a deal offering 3 months and skins for £30.39.

It includes the MCT, so it’s not really a discount…

Ohh… wrong approach from me about this. There is no Omega sales… is just what you save if you were paying each month vs the whole year at once. Apologies for the noise I have created.

What I look at is the competition.

How much a month for World of Warcraft

How much a month for RuneScape

How much a month for Final Fantasy

How much a month for Elder Scrolls

I prolly could go on, but you get the point.

But then again, this is just one or countless stains that will mar CCP forever more