[Discussion] PLEX and Omega price changes feedback thread

Are people still crying about this?


sorry if people are worried if their hard earned money are going to the development of the game or to Hilmar wallet

I used to make 12 months sub when I started, ten years ago.
It was like 80 eurs instead of 120, so it was like 6.6 eur a month instead of 10 a month.
Six months now costs more than 12 months did.
Eve costs have doubled.
I live in Italy. Here is the only country in Europe, along with Greece, where
costs of living have increased by inflation of over 30% just in the past two years,
but the contracts, has diminshed.
We have negative index for contracts adjusted to inflation.
In fact wages were higher in the 90’s prior to Eur than now.

I welcome weekend deals, but 3.75 eur for three days 10 years ago was sufficient for 15 days…
Eve should cost 5 Eur a month for everybody with a 12 month sub,
and 9.99 a month on a month by month basis.

New and old players would flock back.
At one point someone in the position of a CEO will realize that and
reverse the course.

If they did use 5 eur a month during the pandemic, a time when people was fired
from their jobs, and had difficulties of every sort and uncertainties about the future,
thus considering savings above everything else, they probably would have had
subscriptions by ten of thousands. They missed a very clear business opportunity
to lower the entry barrier.

Time is only relative if one does not take inflation to wage adjustment into account,
if it was not for EU, our bank would be bankrupt, like Venezuela or Argentina…

At 5 eur a month, Eve would get 10 subs for each 1 the have one.
make the math… It’s 50 Eur instead of 20… or a 150% increase in income.
I never whine.
I am just about some basic math.


Do the Math Aiko.

I can Afford three months maybe, that’s it.
I just can’t justify the price.
And other 9 persons for each of me I bet feel the same.
Not because they don’t want. They simply can’t.

Last yearzs robbers put on fire on my RV…
thats RL 30K just go puff…
Trust me I’d better things to cry on…

If I find Forza 5 on offer on Steam at 40Eur, I just buy it bc I find it cheap.
I play Forza 3 and never even started Forza 5.
That’s the power of offers.


It’s a FREE to play game.

If you are crying about the cost, you need to get a job. Try mowing the neighbor’s lawn and you can get lots of easy isk.

If you can afford to buy an RV, and lost three trillion isk when your RV caught fire, maybe you should have bought some PLEX instead.

You could also try playing as alpha, have fun, and STOP WHINING.

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Indeed all you need is a catalyst

This isn’t a thread about red whine or white cloth,
it’s about how not to run a business from an investor perspective.
I doubt, an investor, would prefer 1 million immigrants running free on its lawn,
doing the job for FREE, rather than have 1000 specialized workers,
that when the job is finished, he can get on its lawn naked and dance in
front of a fire singing to the Moon god, without being harassed by
1 million heathens, but rather invite those 1000 workers,
that probably share some interests in mantaining a system
that is not about exploitation of the weakest link.

I’m not saying EVE was better when there was no ALPHA accounts,
but nice things comes with a price, and investors are watching
the stock prices going puff. This is what this thread is about.

Starving the market, and PLEX prices going up, is a bubble that
could explode every moment, I’m not to invest in system poorly managed.
I might be wrong, and it’s not a bubble.
Those 1 million immigrants are going to make a profit, and someone
will get rich. Geez.

Are you Frostpacker?

Because just like Frostpackers writing style, that was a wall of random words strung together into incoherent sentences.

At the risk of more word salad from you,

What the ■■■■ are you on about?

Investors care about one thing. The ROI on their investment.

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That was not Frostpacker
We do not bring outside RW to New Eden and we never insult others. We accept your apology.

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:blush: :popcorn:

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Welcome back. While conversion rates suck in general. My sub went up $5. Do i think $15, much less $20 per month is too much? Yes, but ccp sees all the numbers and sees it as less players, higher subs, but its not working. I understand inflation and they have bills to pay too. But they need to find a happy medium to get more players without squeezing us dry.


Apparently, there are some Capsuleers who seem to be causing a ruckus in here on this thread.

It is fine to vent about a topic when at the end of the day we can just be friends and get along. :mega:

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It’s our own fault really.

If we truly wanted to make a change, we would not subscribe/plex our accounts

But we all too addicted.

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im tryin elite dangerous at least you pay only once, now its 10$ on steam in special its better than that hostage situation with ccp. they got my patience and they wont get my wallet.

CCP once again using a dirty marketing trick to make more money.
By increasing prices then putting offers on they have a win win

It looks like they have given in a bit.
It creates buzz around a sale or bonus or other incentivized price while actually not affecting the bottom line. It takes advantage of saps willing to pay the higher price.
Over time they get to throttle down the incentives while keeping the high price effectively normalising the higher price and higher profits.

Never forget that CCP deal in digital assets that are massively marked up to start with and make insane money. While being exposed to minimal market fluctuations from things like materials supplies or supply chains. CCP had no financial pressure to increase prices. They just wanted to maintain profit increases.

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…you should be aware that digital assets are made by people who earn a salary which ideally should keep up the pace with cost of living, and the retail price for those digital assets hadn’t changed since 2003, quite unlike the aforementioned cost of living and salaries…

You should be aware that the devs earn susbantially more than players that are struggling to pay for bills and food rich girl.