Dispatches to the Sacred Throne Order

September 29, 23,359 AD

For the attention of the Grandmaster of the Sacred Throne Order, from your obedient servant Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri of the Excubitoris Chapter.

It is my honour to report that the move of the Excubitoris Chapter to the loyalist alliance Khimi Harar has already begun to improve the stability of the Throne Worlds. Over the last week, Khimi Harar fleets, often led by Paladin Ordinary Utari Onzo-Gallius and attended by a variety of different Paladins, including both Chapter Masters, have worked tirelessly to end the economic blockade of Amarr systems that has been ongoing since July of this year. Gantries blocking access to planets throughout the Domain and Khanid regions have been removed and replaced with upgraded Customs Offices controlled by loyalists in Khimi Harar.

The most recent development in this campaign is the restoration of access to the planets of Sarum Prime by means of a four day campaign of gunboat diplomacy which successfully pressured the as-unknown party behind the three-month long gantry blockade into upgrading the facilities and restoring access to the system. In my capacity as Co-Chapter Master of the Order I would like to especially commend the actions of Paladin Onzo-Gallius in leading forces throughout the campaign and Directrix Lunarisse Phonaga of the Societas in applying diplomatic leverage to the problem. While the party ultimately behind the blockade remains unknown, capsuleer trade has resumed in the system, we hope that this will help bolster economic growth for House Sarum.

As always, I remain the Empress on the Sacred Throne’s most obedient servant and will continue to work to build the Excubitoris Chapter into a tool for enforcing Her will.

May God always look kindly upon Amarr,
Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri
Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order
Director in Khimi Harar

Photo: 28.9.YC123 Trade resuming at Mehkios, Sarum Prime III.