[Excubitoris Chapter] Lord Ekroz Salaf of Jabruan

A notable day.
The righteous elevation of Lord Ekroz Salaf to Holder of Jabruan recognises not only a personal life of devotion and service to Amarr but the Divine continuation of the Reclaiming. The first Ammatar Holder of the Empire, following the well worn path to salvation trodden by the faithful since time immemorial.

There are those who question Amarr and the Reclaiming. There are others who give into the temptations of doubt and despair, discarding lifetimes of faith in moments of weakness. Do not succumb to the darkness; kneel and you shall be saved, for we have the Empress to lead us and destiny to follow.

Lord Salaf has also been honoured with the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order. As Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order, it is my privilege to congratulate Lord Salaf on behalf of the Excubitoris Chapter and to welcome him to our ancient order. I also extend an open invitation to Holder Salaf to visit our Chapterhouse on Oris the next time he is in the Throne Worlds.

To serve, unshakably, is to reach greatness.

For the Empire,

Co-Chapter Master Shaikar Kazari
Excubitoris Chapter, Sacred Throne Order
Executor, Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
Holder of Dresi III


Congratulations to Lord Salaf. Such a distinction has been long deserved for the faithful of the Mandate.


May God continue to bless the endeavors of the Holder Salaf. May his house stand the test of time and serve for centuries as a beacon to the faithful of what can be accomplished through righteous labor!

God bless the Empire!
Co-Chapter Master Gaven Lok’ri
Excubitoris Chapter, Sacred Throne Order
Holder of Lok’ri in the Jad-Gheinok Region of Oris


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