Dispelling The Hype Over Alien Life

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I wonder if there are aliens that dont know a concept of life, and such expression doesnt even exist in their “vocabulary”. Basically seeing everything as a constant change, and even their “language” would express that by being a constant flow of light on their wet forehead.

Maybe their notion of a vacation isn’t the same as ours?

Technically, time does not slow down, but rather the rate at which you experience time will slow down at higher speeds. This is because atoms contain electrons, and those particles have to orbit the nucleus. As the velocity of the nucleus increases, the electrons must maintain an even higher velocity in order to maintain their relative orbit, which exponentially increases the energy required for the atom to accelerate. This also translates into an increasing energy cost for any chemical reaction, and this decreasing rate of reaction is perceived as time dilation. Time is actually moving at the same speed consistent in both references, but in the higher velocity frame all reactions will take longer to complete. :tipping_hand_woman: Like duh, like helllllllo.

If you pay me a billion isk, I’ll also tell you a rarely understood fact about the so-called Big Bang and the accelerating pixellation of the cosmos!

Yes, people of Earthlands, the Overlord Greys have generously sent me amongst you to help your miners and spread the GOOD NEWS - for one low price of 10 billion isk, all secrets of the universe will be REVEALED.

Nooo ! The Greys are mere pawns of The Mantids. Over billions of years they decided that the only worthwhile activity in the universe is proctology on Arizonan loggers.

Aiko is a triple threat. Ganker. Scammer. Scholar. The creator has embarrassed her with too many gifts.

Because you have used the pixelation of the cosmos, you are referring to the universe as being a hologram or computer simulation, which the Universe is neither.

Time dilation is not a constant. Time dilation is based on how gravity effects the aging process of a biological organism. Atoms do not experience time dilation because atoms do not age or decay as rapidly as humans do.

An atom of lead travelling away from Earth will experience the same time dilation as a lead atom travelling away from Jupiter.

If a living being on Jupiter travelled away from Jupiter, the aging process would vary from a person travelling away from the Earth because the gravity of each planet would affect lifeforms differently.

I wonder if there are aliens that dont know a concept of life, and such expression doesnt even exist in their “vocabulary”. Basically, seeing everything as a constant change, and even their “language” would express that by being a constant flow of light on their wet forehead.

There is not a single form of sentient life that doesn’t know the concept of life. If a lifeform doesn’t know the concept of life, the lifeform would not be able to reproduce, and the species would die out rather quickly. Every single species of life in the Universe knows the concept of life, otherwise the species wouldn’t exist, at all. Even a slug knows the concept of life.

I’m certain any scouts from an alien civilization would understand that humanity could be easily wiped out and taken over. All the aliens would have to do is introduce a side hustle to the schemers and scammers on the planet who would readily betray humans for luxury, only to be the last of the human race, consumed alive on a reptilian family table of ten.

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T.V. reality shows are a fabricated lifestyle that do not exist but is meant as a side hustle to get money from people by making people believe that if they act the same as the people they see on T.V. that they can be just as popular and loved as those they see on T.V. The factory will definitely need more tear buckets, CCP should release a Tech Three Tear Bucket Citadel to catch all of your tears,

This is true. I have conversed with quite a few slugs. They are surprisingly philosophical.


What kind of bong do you have?

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Slugs are actually very interesting creatures. Put a slug on the top of a finger sometime and wonder about how the slug sees you.

Yeah, and the kid that pours beer on the slug because it makes you giggle, who is the slug that sits at the bar?

Here’s something interesting, real women will understand this idea better. And no, I am not a female. I am simply looking at the Big Bang as a developing fetus in a womb.

If life that is created in the female’s womb is the result of a two separate particles colliding, then couldn’t the same process of a particle colliding with the Higgs-Boson cause the Higgs-Boson to activate and then add mass to other particles that causes growth and expansion?

Fetal Sack - A thin-walled sac that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. The sac is filled with liquid made by the fetus (amniotic fluid) and the membrane that covers the fetal side of the placenta (amnion). This protects the fetus from injury. it also helps to regulate the temperature of the fetus.

As the Big Bang took place, a fetal sack of particles would have been created that covers the fetal side of the placenta. If this process is converted into particle interaction, then could the placenta, or dark matter, possibly be the placenta of the Big Bang that protected the expanding universe in order to regulate the temperature of the developing Universe.

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Alien (film) - Wikipedia
We already have that theory.

Not quite the same thing, In Alien (film) the aliens didn’t care to communicate with humans, victims were simply used to incubate new aliens, there was no head alien offering a select few people wealth and riches to sell out their people.

Alien (film) was more a case of prospectors finding the aliens and then trying to profit from it. They would have used the specimens to advance medical science for profit and become closer to living longer without caring if people were brutally killed in the process which is what happened in Aliens (film, sequel to Alien)

Ahh you’ve done it now, I’m going to have to go and watch all the Alien films in case there’s anything I missed. The Alien Trilogy and the 4th film are really good films, they should make it into a TV series and I would be one of their cult followers. I’ve never felt they really went into much depth in the films, I think Prometheus was a great start, they should have made a couple more direct sequels rather than the same old “plant a cyborg on the ship with the goal of infecting someone and bring them back for study”

What if aliens dont need Big Bang to do it?


Maybe they do it like slugs.

Ick. Why not watch all the Predator movies as well, if you really want a kick in the nuts?

Good call, I didn’t see the predator film when they were in the 1800s

I wonder if silicon based aliens think its unlikely for carbon based lifeforms to form in universe, because their planet composition is entirely different from ours and their scientists are silicon shovinists, like some on earth are carbon shovinists.


Noooo ! You telling me Home & Away ain’t real ?

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If someone have hopes on humanity going interstellar, then it doesnt really means path of humans ruling whole galaxy. If we encounter some Qu on the way.

Notice that in this scenario the ending was kind of good for… I dont know who really, they dont even look human anymore.