Dissolving a corporation for the first time: What happens?

I am about to dissolve my corporation, but I am wondering what happens to all the assets across New Eden which are just sitting in corporation delivery hangars, waiting to be picked up. Do they all become personal assets?

Anything else I should be mindful of as I close out the corporation?

I like the corporation, but it’s time to close the doors and go to the next big thing. Whatever that may be. Anyone who has done this before, your advice is welcome.


You have to transfer all assets to your personal assets BEFORE you close the Corporation or you will lose everything.

You can create a free account and a free alt on it and make him CEO to hold it for your just in case you might want to come back to the corp later on. No real need to actually close it. That will also prevent the name be taken again, though not sure if corp names can be used again after closed but that is how it works with character names (once biomassed the names can be reused).

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Cool, thanks for the info. I’ve consolidated my assets, and I’m looking at my saved locations.

My most useful folders are considered “shared folders,” one of which is named after my corporation.

How can I copy this over to my personal locations? They seem to be saved as corporation locations.

Maybe I’m just misreading the locations window.

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