Do asteroids exist?

Went to the akiainavas system 0.7 then to every belt in the system. No asteroids, not on the screen or on the sidebar which details things in the system. So do I need a special scanner?

There are plenty of asteroids and belts all over the place. There are over 1,000 high sec systems. Find an area with less traffic. For example, I mine in a system where I have over 20 asteroid belts pretty much all to myself every day, no matter what time I log in.

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So does that mean that fields can be mined out, if so then how long before they respawn?

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Ah, the Risk Avoidance issue that needs to be addressed with a visit.

All day long you say, how much is that shiny Orca worth?

Akiainavas is a Career Agent 0.7 system on a single gated spur: so it’ll be quiet with no passing traffic with a general “be nice to Rookies” on it . Four jumps from Jita. The surprise would be if it didn’t get rapidly mined our by AFK risk adverse alt populated mining fleets or new players believing that mining is the only way to earn ISK.
Look somewhere else, there are better systems out there (hint: better = ones with rock in them!)

Background mining is not the Eve I enjoy, but I believe some people find passive “play” engaging. And there are better ways to earn ISK actually playing the game.

One of my alts started his career there too, it was the hardest place I tried because of the competition for ore and ratting sites. Jita is way too close.
Always had to travel to Tsugawa, Kirras, or Ruvas to find some training content.

Eve is a PvP sandbox. Someone else has taken the asteroids. You must compete.

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Yes they can, and only respawn during daily downtime (server restart) at 11 am EVE-time.

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