Do ghost sites and sleeper caches threat my pod?

as the topic asks, will you possibly lose your pod to the AOE damages found in these sites?

Ghost Sites: No, as spawning NPC enemies are only there to blow up the containers and thereby causing AoE damage in a ~15km range from them.
Sleeper Cache: Not sure, so I’d say possibly, It all depends on if normal hazardous clouds can damage pod.

In Ghost sites rats do not only blow up containers, they scram you and attack for a short period of time. If they happen to kill your ship, then explosion of containers might kill pod I think.

They do blow up the containers and attack your ship (I think they first destroy the cans, then attack your ship with warps disruptor/scrambler and guns). You can find it here : Ghost Sites Rats :

« After the timer expires (irrespective of how many containers you have hacked), rats (based on the local pirate population) will show up to destroy the cans and defend the site »

I have done the Lesser ghost site many-many times. I’ve never seen them actually shooting the cans. And all 4 cans explode simultaneously, like remote detonation. I think that’s they mean in the description, rats come to remotely blow up the cans. They do shoot you if you stay long enough though, that’s for sure. And they do kill unlucky frigates before explosion. Class: Ghost Sites Guristas Cruiser

Checked if recent Ghost site rat victims lost their pods too. Looks like they didn’t. I still think its possible. One would have to mess up though )

I already lost ships to rats in ghost BEFORE the explosion and my pod was not destroyed by the can’t explosion.

I also lost ships in standard/superior sleeper cache and my pod was not damaged by the AOE.

Maybe this was a bug, just at one point the AOE would not damage pod.

I think you should lose your Pod in the Ghost and Sleeper Cache sites to pod killing NPC’s to create an even better risk vs reward mechanic.

Pod killing NPC’s wouldn’t be in each site all the time though and would be random.

Neither type of site will affect your pod.

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