Do Intaki Syndicate NPCs attack of sight like pirate factions or do they function like Empire NPCs?

Question is in the title.

Google to the rescue:

Also, the lore of Intaki Syndicate states they are run by a former member of Sisters of Eve.

I’ve read that already. That doesn’t say rather or not they attack or not. Not being pirates does not automatically equal peaceful. I’ll have to make my way over there because it seems nobody has any firsthand knowledge of Syndicate.

I thought the “non-pirate NPC faction”, and Sisters of Eve relationship covered it.

With that, I wouldn’t expect them to be openly hostile, unless of course one has negative standing towards them for whatever reason.

Sorry. The only time I’ve spent in Syndicate is when I left a w-space C5 system, and moved my Rorqual out. Docked in a station there for a while, before deciding where to go next. Seemed like the single longest jump ever to get to lowsec. I remember it was luckily one of maybe 3 systems in range. Other than that, maybe I later traveled through it unknowingly, but never spent time there.

The CONCORD Assembly standing tells you if they are ‘pirate’ or not, and they have no standing with them (0.0) so neutral. CONCORD doesn’t like pirates.

Apparently I have +0.98 standing with them, probably derived from something I did.

The current boss is a former SOE sister, but she’s a crime boss now. Here name is Silphy-something. She’s said to be just as ruthless as her late father. That’s just lore. But the game itself doesn’t necessarily honor lore. I’m not asking rather or not they are pirates. I already know they are not. That doesn’t mean they can’t be programmed to aggress people.

Good point.

But I’m sticking with the CONCORD Assembly standing hint, until proven wrong.

I do hope you’ll let us know what you discover either way!

Your interaction with Syndicate NPCs is going to depend on the scenario, as I’m not aware of them spawning in the same way that Say Gurista or Serpentis belt/gate rats do.

One of the Syndicate NPC corporations may have mining fleets, but their reaction to you will depend on your standings with them and/or aggression towards them.

Your main interaction with Syndicate NPCs will be via missions where they are either presented as the targets to engage, or innocents to defend. The Gallente Epic Arc missions have some interesting scenarios For example.

Edit: Just spotted this was a month old. Regardless hope it was still useful

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