Do mining agreement exist?

Hi there,

Does anyone know if there are mining agreements? I would like to line up 4-5 mining corps and setup an agreement where they would mine for us. I know the big alliances do something like this but that’s within the Corp/Alliance structure. I’m talking Corp to Corp level agreements.



I’m also curious about this!
I guess it depends what kind of agreement do you want:
a specific amount of ore weekly? or do you prefer refined minerals? or just a place to mine around a moon?

yes, you can make those kind of aggreement…

In our alliance, we were sharing moons, and each miners had to pay a 20% tax on the moon goo mined. Like for exemple, if you mined 1000 units of Chromite, you had to contract back 200 units to the owner of the athanor.

For some exceptionnal moon goo, the tax was 35%. It seems huge but when you can keep 65% of the shinning loparite or Monazite, you can make isk very quickly… and you don’t have any investment or any need to defend this highly coveted athanors. The owner, on the other side don’t even need to do the dirty job of mining and still get 35%. Win-win scenario

If you’re going to pay for your ore/minerals, there’s this thing called ‘the market’…

You have the entirety of players working for you already.

That’s the worst way to buy minerals. Wholesale mineral purchases should ideally be lined up privately between miners and buyers to avoid all that annoying tax and get a better price for everyone. I do it a lot, and am generally able to offer above market rates while still making a profit myself.

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