Do MTUs disappear?

(Beast of Revelations) #1

Maybe a dumb question. Anyway, I dropped 4 MTUs in 4 different locations a few days ago, but couldn’t retrieve them for a while (2-3 days). I just attempted to retrieve them, and they are all gone. At first I thought they must have been ganked, but when I checked killmails I saw nothing.

Do these things just disappear? If so, what’s the time frame?

(Erethond) #2

Apparently they last for 2 days:

(Beast of Revelations) #3

Curses! Foiled again…

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #4

that’s what you get for opening all these crazy threads!!!111 but you can redeem yourself by handing me all the corpses in your possession!

(Beast of Revelations) #5

Oh, are you a corpse collector too?

(z0rella Zazzmataz) #6

that’s a really weird way of talking about yer family don’t ya think?

(system) #7

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