Do NPC corp's missions have an impact on lore or politics?

Hey everyone!

New to the game, and I was wondering this.

I am a player motivated mostly by ideological reasons than just profit, so the idea of looking for NPC corps that align with what I’d support is very attractive to me.

And Eve promotes itself in this idea of affecting the universe through players collective actions, aliances and corporations.

My question is, despite the rewards, Loyalty Points and Standings, does taking those missions have any effect in Eve world or politics when a huge ammount of players give support to an NPC corp?

How far does the whole “players actions have consequences” thing goes?

Thanks for the replies in advance!


It doesn’t really matter which corp you run missions for apart from the faction they represent, no. Mission running is some of the most archaic content in the game.

You’re of course more than welcome to run missions for whatever corp you want, as there are more corps than just the faction navies that can accommodate you up to level 4s, but the actual choice of which one you run doesn’t really matter too* much.

*You’ll probably want to pick a more combat oriented one though as I believe that their LP stores have slightly better LP to ISK conversions, but even then, it doesn’t matter too much IMO. Even then, there’s plenty of options besides the faction navies to choose.


@Clyde_ElectraGlide Thank you for your answer!

So, let me see if I get it right. There are no political consequences between the individual corporations inside a faction. However, helping a corporation inside one of the factions, equals helping that same faction.

So I have another question about this.

Basically the same question but this time in a bigger scale:

Are there long term political consequences to helping an specific faction?

If you have a “HQ” at an NPC station you can see what agents are there. Running missions for them will increase your reputation with that corporation and you’ll get lowered fees for manufacturing and broker’s fee in that station.
It’s a good idea to chose an NPC corporation or “family” in the case of Amarr, set up in one of their stations and run missions for them, that’s if you don’t have a home in a player’s station.

Not “political” per say but NPC corporations do not look kindly you helping a rival corporation.
When I started I was Caldari once and I went ahead and ran missions for the Amarr empire for months. On my return to Caldari space I tried to run a mission for a Caldari corp and the agent called me a traitor, lol.

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Short answer no.

long answer, nothing aside from hurting standings with other corps/factions will make a difference in mission running. However, on the forums here, there are several places where people roleplay and such, and you can turn it into some sort of RP aspect if you’d prefer.

Thats not just for the station, but the corporation over all.
6.5 standing with corporation to lower reprocessing fee to 0 isk
10 standing (which is impossible) to lower broker/relist fee (also needs 10 (impossible) standing with faction to be at 3%)

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No. It was the first most basic swizz CCP played.

Lesson: Dont trust a word they say

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Your mission running doesn’t change or affect anything other than your own standings which can affect stuff on your character only (lowering of costs, access to more mission agents and possibly removing easy access to space which faction your standing is too low with).

EVE does not have a form of Powerplay like Elite does, that’s because EVE is about player interaction. Between players there is almost always a power struggle either to control space in Null all the way down to miners using gank alts to scare away competitors from favourable locations.

The closest thing we have is Pochven space where standing can unlock access to docking and certain amenities and where having good standing with certain NPC groups means they won’t attack you.

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That’s referring to player to player interactions.

Eve is designed as a player driven game, and the actions you take do matter - to players.

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^^ that’s ^^ the most important, on this forum especially. Don’t trust half of what these answers contain. Lots of players don’t know their arse from a whole in the ground. They so full of sh- even CCP don’t interact with members here.
Check online, lots of websites with more accurate info than what you’ll get here. Only come here if you like to argue ad infinitum.

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Well, I was referring to CCP, just to be clear.


Sure, I know. But it’s valid for most everyone and in my experience especially the players and definitely the forum members… in my opinion, of course.


Dont take my note of clarification as disagreement with your point. Its very valid in of itself :slight_smile:


Occasionally there are story events by the skeleton events team where player actions have an effect on the NPC factions and the story politics. These are uncommon though, so don’t count on any of them being active at any given point in time. Examples would be the recent events where the EoM attacked some planets. There were npc actors run by the skeleton events team that asked players to donate specific items from the wrecks of the terrorist ships. In that case, if you had looted stuff, then you could give it to e.g. the Federation or Caldari actor, and this would then affect the flavour of subsequent news articles. You might even get a mention in the news.
Happened to me, for example. Got into the news and the CONCORD actor set me to -9.7 cos I was snarky and didn’t give him a glowy doodad that I had found, lol.

In general though, there is no on going mechanism that affects NPC politics, other than the occasional stirring up of trouble in the Faction War areas.

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In what way did that impact lore or politics?

the Scope News articles are lore.

The point is that other than FW there is no dynamic mechanism where players affect the NPC factions to any major extent, and the events that do happen, CCP doenst support with more than a skeleton team.

So adjust expectations to suit.

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Thats pretty much all you needed to say and I totally agree with that.

If getting your picture in the paper is “affecting lore” then anyone appearing on a notice board cos they had paid for an advert was affecting it even more.

But as nothing changes and the Empires have been stagnant and non-interacting, there is no change.

If there were to be, the donut would be inverse and there would be no functioning NPC factions other than CONCORD


Those “empire” aren’t even alive, they’re merely backdrop and their leaders are ghosts. There’s no interaction between them and their corporations only serve as ISK sinks or mining belts raiders. Even the Traglivians have stopped their conquest and getting in line with the ghost empires.
Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, Minmatar… doesn’t matter, New Eden is a dead universe with a bunch of players doing missions that are devoid of sense or purpose. Only purpose there is is the players’ and CCP is subverting that with every nerf.
EVE Online may not be dead but the universe sure is.
Only interesting thing to do in this game is attack other players. How long until even that gets boring?


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