Do Sabre bots exist?

As the title say, are Sabre bots a thing?

I had two “illogical” but exactly same encounters with the same Sabre pilot which is operated by a ratting multiboxer.

The pattern is, if something comes into proximity, decloak if cloaked, approach, bubble, lock. The Sabre was both times alone, has no weapons, and feeds without sense.

First time I was landing on the acc gate of the site the multiboxer is in, the Sabre decloaks, bubbles and waits until it is dispatched plus pod. Second time it was in space aligned to the acc gate. I probed it, when I came close, it changed direction to me, bubbles, and waits until ship and pod dead. Nothing else.

A player would have assessed the situation and either would have remained cloaked or just warped and cloaked. There is no point to engage a lonely Hecate without weapons and backup in free space. Both times the Sabre opened aggression before I even could land the scram.

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there is a method to the apparent madness. if the sabre can bubble the acceleration gate, you can’t take the gate, giving their ships inside time to GTFO.
as to whether it’s a bot, or just an account/ship that the player doesn’t care about after they bubble the gate, is another bucket of vomit entirely.
if the ships in the site are all ridiculously expensive autism chariots, then they arguably wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice a 100m sabre to buy themselves some time. once the bubble is up, they concentrate on their other ships and simply leave the sabre to die.
if you feel it’s a bot, then report it to CCP.


The problem, they neither warped out nor stopped me from going in later. And the second encounter this morning was totally stupid.

it still tied you up for a few minutes. did you catch the krab in the site? if not, then sacrificing the sabre it did its job.
after running your killboard, it appears the sabre is working with a >3.5b Golem (depending on the value of all those abyssal mods, that could be a 10b Golem) in Pochven.
i’m not saying it’s 100% not a bot, but on the information provided, it’s unreasonable to conclude that it is a bot.

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I’m not able to scratch any of the Golems, I just can give them a jump timer, which I did the first time, and perfectly could have the second, but why.

I have no evidence, but a “normal” player would have done different.

These golems might be related to those known as a botting scourge btw. (Citation needed)

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Yes. this is the “guy”, he seems to be kind of settled in Archee right now. Saw him three times now there. Currently he is out. Probably because the entrance options are very limited for fleets.

Define “normal”? Sacrificing a 90m Sabre to ensure the safety of a ~3.5b-10b+ Golem is something any EVE krab would gladly do. It doesn’t have to make any sense to YOU, so long as it makes sense to THEM.
Report it to CCP…

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Already reported, but as you can’t give details on bot reports, this will not have any result. I reported so many loot bots in Jita, nothing was ever done about.

I started this more about the theory, not about the assumed actual bot, or disputing any evidence. I know the fight against bots is long lost. Only the most obvious and stupid will be caught.

in any event, you’ll need more than a Hecate to take out that Golem.
Happy hunting.

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