Tips for avoiding good decloaking Sabre's

If they are good they will wait for you to try and warp then bubble and burn for your last location while bubbling again.

I can usually change direction and see how it goes and if they get the decloak out run them but if they have a inty it can be dicey.

Other option would be to OH and burn back to gate.

Any other tips other than having an alt scout?

Don’t get a good one.

Outside factors like how far away you spawn etc, a good sabre pilot can decloak your astero, let alone a slowass tc3 or something. They’ll also bump decloak and tackle anything nullified, a luxury yacht is really the only thing that has better chance than not of getting thru.

The really proficient ones aren’t on every gate, but when one is your joyride is ova.

Well that’s no bueno. I see scanning travel cepters getting caught some how… With istabs should be instawarp and nullified.

What’s no bueno is after you jump sitting there holding gate cloak trying to assess things and that SOB is somehow making a beeline for you. WTF…PWNBBQ

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Crash the gate.

Quicksave before jumping

never press warp right away when there is a sabre on the gate

align out, heat straight away from it with mwd and cloak - if you have a good spawn you can heat away towards a celestial and spam warp to it, alot of the time you only have to burn 2-3km to get out of the initial bubble while the sabre has to accelerate towards you

if you don’t have a good spawn because you can not burn straight out of the bubble towards something to warp to, you burn away first, but then do a 90° turn as soon as you are cloaked

It’s a good idea to re-approach a couple times first to see his behavior and maybe get a good spawn

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Few people understand the psychology of dealing with a Sabre pilot. A normal capsuleer will panic and immediately pull over to the side. This is wrong. It arouses contempt in the Sabre pilot heart. Make the bastard chase you. He will follow.

“Pull over to the side?” What is that?

The saber is the new concord now

You ought to see those chumps run for the hills when they see a Caracal coming.

Hahaha, so true, the nullsec has its own gate concord with 3 ships
The sabre
The Arazu
The Faction titan

Where are those faction Titan gatecamps?

For research purposes :slight_smile:

Go back in time a year or two ago and just randomly fly through delve lmao.
Theres a lot of F1 monkeys that gate camped with titans

you know that titans AOE doosmdays have been nerfed several months ago, yes?

No because I don’t fly titans

Also read post below that

i had read it: reread my post i highlighted the “has” in bold, since it means that gate camps with titans are actually currently a problem, whereas it is not the case anymore afaik