Do Sleeper Rats at WH Gas Sites despawn?

Hello, capsuleers. I’m currently new to wormhole gas harvesting and other stuff related to wormholes. My first question is, do sleepers rats despawn when they spawn in Gas Sites, if yes, how long? My second and last question is, what happens if the wormhole you came from closes. Will you be trapped forever? If you have any more tips about wormholes, it would be nice to tell me some. Thanks, in advance!

No, only way to remove them to destroy them.
Every w-system every time has at least one active wormhole connection to another system. So you cant be trapped until you have a ship with probes.
Read there for more info:

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Ok, thank you so much. Will warping in and out of the wormhole will the sleepers despawn or do I have to destory them?

As I said: sleepers need to destroy after they spawned to remove them. They will despawn only with the whole site otherwise.

Aww ok. Guess I will have to find a new site I guess. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

The most commonly used technique for getting gas without killing the sleepers is called “ninja huffing”. You have 15-20 min from the time you initiate warp to a gas cloud until the rats show up (except for ordinary perimeter gas sites which have towers present at all times). Warp in, go to the most valuable gas cloud and huff until the sleepers appear and then immediately warp out. Scan down a new cloud, rinse and repeat until your Venture hold is full.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. The main problem is, I usually only find very few gas clouds in each system. Resulting in me having to finding more wormholes. I really wish I could ‘milk’ a cloud dry.

You can always go in and clear the rats with a combat fit and then come back with your Venture and huff the gas at your leisure. There are a number of fits that even an alpha player can use. I’d personally use a Gila to clear the sites, though I know many people use Confessors to great effect. Just be aware that nothing short of a faction battleship will clear the sleepers from some of the more valuable gas sites. Or bring friends.

As you improve your scanning skills, it becomes easier and faster to scan down gas sigs and wormhole chains.

The basic rule is: they spawn 15-20 minutes after the first person warps into the site.

This may reset after downtime, I’m not entirely sure.

if you want to clear the entire site, you return in a combat ship after the rats have spawned and kill them. I typically just kill the rats, much better ISK/hr than huffing the gas, my corpmates enjoy the gas huffing though so it all works out.

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