Gas Harvesting

If there are sleepers in a gas site in WH space do they ever leave?

Please keep in mind i understand the mechanics of gas harvesting and the sleepers but i still want an answer to the question.

You will need to kill them I’m afraid.


or you “ninja mine the gas”. NPCs appear after 17ish min. Mine for 15min and warp out

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true for every gas site except “ordinary”
there are senty in this one and they will blow your ship as soon as you land in th site

tbh I usually “ninja mine” the gas sites with the most valuable gas (vital core reservoir, instrumental core reservoir, etc).

yea but do they leave ever?

no, once they appear you have to kill them if you wanna stay

2x MSE + Invul + DC Venture can survive the first volley of those sentries and then warp out.

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