Gas mining in wormholes

I’ve just started scanning-down and mining gas-clouds in WH space. I was under the impression that the ‘baddies’ would appear no sooner than 20 minutes after you first arrive at the cloud, but for my first cloud they arrived in exactly 15 minutes (I was using a 15-minute kitchen timer, started when I came out of warp). What’s the actual ‘chapter and verse’ on this, please ?

I was teached it was 15-20 Minutes.

Thanks. Fortunately I was watching my overview and spotted them before they did me any damage.:sweat_smile:

You can speed/sig tank them if you want. Look for “Jedi-Mining” fits to see how.

Will do, thanks.

In low-class space you can come back in a combat ship and kill the rats pretty easy, then finish mining the rest of the gas.

DON"T try that with the best gas sites in high-class space.

its random 5-20 minutes, depends on your activity in site grid.

Also I think the timer starts as you click on the warp button, not when you finish the warp.


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