Gas Huffing Cycle Time

I have recently started gas huffing in WH space and I have a few questions.

1: I use Gas Cloud Scoop IIs on a venture, currently my cycle time is 30 seconds, is there a way to reduce that further via skills or fitting? I know there are Alchemist implants but want to leave implants alone

2: do boosts from a porrpoise reduce cycle time?

There are a few things that would lower your cycle time. The implant as you know already. The next is training up the “mining frigate” skill. The last and very expensive way is to fit syndicate gas scoops, they have a shorter cycle than a scoop II and harvest the same amount.

That being said they used to be around 100-120M each (i haven’t checked in a while, i rarely huff these days). I’m not sure I’d make a 250M+ gas huffing fit for WH space, but if you’re space rich you certainly could ;^).

As for the porpoise, I’m pretty sure it does, or at least it did within the last year, unless an update has changed that. A group I used to fly with would do boosted huffing fleets, and that’s what they were using.

@Giddy_McFee Gas huffing or fart sucking isn’t my go to mining sport, so I might be incorrect here. I know it cycles at 24 seconds for me. I am an alpha clone with a venture. My typical “Skyrig” build is 2 harvesters, medium shield extenders, mining laser upgrade, probes, and a scanner. It takes about 25 minutes to fill a venture with gas and I get 18 million at most at auction. As for why this is not my ideal for mining. It takes up too much time finding the wormhole, finding the gas, sucking the gas, all the time hoping nothing attacks you (NPC sleepers and other players). I prefer to mine kernite in 0.4 systems. Currently I get 4 million per haul and it takes about 14 minutes to mine a full load. My ventures can deal with the NPCs and if the ship gets blown apart they cost me about 2.4 million to build another. When gas scoops are added it is a 9 million loss.

Every time so far, I have been stopped mining gas after the first load. How does this risk out weigh the rewards? Time consumption on gas mining is just awful. I still do it, but very seldom. I recommend putting your focus on the wanted ores found in 0.3 to 0.4 systems. Find some place quiet and set up a base of operations within that system.

@Zadin_Tichim thanks for the reply, yeah those Syndicate things are supper expensive, i went onto the test server and it does take it down to 22.5seconds from 30, but yeah not worth the costs.

@Skylar_Cloud thanks for replying, 24 seconds seems very good. I have access to a WH base and another charcater with excellent scannign skills so finding the gas isnt the issue. from what i can tell the only difference in your fit is the mining laser upgrade but i didnt think that affected gas, my mining frigate skills are V, my gas cloud harvesting skill is V as well

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it doesn’t effect gas

Porp boosts are ok for huffing and compression can be really usefull, but the Gnosis can fit 5 huffers and still boost. It can also be fitted to have as much cargo as a venture

ill try on the test server to see what the cycle rate is on the gnosis, but my real interest is how an alpha gets 24s cycle time on a venture

best i can get on PYFA using all 5 skills is 30s

On PYFA with a gnosis i can get to 28.5s with 5 scoop IIs and a boost, all lows are cargo explanders, all rigs are medium cargo explanders too givng just over 5k m3 hold. I am torm, whilst cheaper than a porpoise and ventures i am not sure how effective it would be, would need to be able to GTFO if need be


An alpha can only use a gas scoop I which has a base cycle time of 30 versus 40 seconds of a scoop II, but only harvests half the amount of a scoop II. The syndicate scoop i mentioned also has a 30 second base cycle, and harvests more per cycle (and doesn’t lose anything to “residual” like a tech 2 scoop does), but yeah, expensive ;^)

If you fit a scoop I I’m sure your cycle time would be in the lower 20 second range. Also low sec huffing was mentioned so ill just point out that if you luck out and find an edencom system that has a cloud, I’m pretty certain the mining bonus those systems give applies to gas as well.

Gas cloud harvesting - EVE University Wiki this has a bunch of info regarding huffing, and in the equipment section lists all of the scoops and their respective cycle times, harvest amounts, etc.

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By training mining frigate to 4 which is max for an alpha.

You can refrain from huffing, which will reduce your cycle time.

Ive mining frigate 5 and gas cloud harvesting V, shows 30 seconds


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@Zadin_Tichim thanks for that link ill check that out

@Lesican i think ill give that a go with a Gnosis, thanks

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Oh! I obviously missed the fact you are talking about t2 modules, but yes those have higher times as those mine more per cycle. I use t1 scoops for gas so i dont have to deal with residue because gas clouds are already low units and it costs more to get to them in effort so i want everything.

My alpha which i am still working on getting thru the career agents has l4 for mining frigate skill and the t1 has 24s cycle. On my omega it is 22 5 because i use an expedition frigate.

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@Sampl_Boirelle yeah i used to use T1 scoops, and if I am in my home WH i may still do, but when going through the chain i use T2, ok ill check my cycle times on T1 scoops, if i can get to 22.5seconds I may well go back to T1, although WH space is dangerous so that 50% more yield is attractive


I was over in Aset system and found a WH. Using probes I found a gas site which was a trap. There was about 4 to 5 NPC heavy sentry guns positioned around it. I tried my best to recover my scoops but after the 3rd attempt I placed a warning container on it. Also at the WH exit in null sec. I tried warping in 100 km away, the NPC turrets were set ludicrous range. Basically lost 8 to 9 million ISK on the one go. Beware the gas huffing might sound like great ISK, but I have never experienced any profit on it. I will stick with what pays.

The eve wiki article i posted above has a section about fullerenes, and mentions the ordinary perimeter reservoir which has sentry turrets. There are lists out there of what sites in WH space are safe to warp to, both in regards to huffing and exploration sites as well, since some of those are guarded by NPCs

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@John_Rochard as @Zadin_Tichim points out, you went to an Ordinary which is anything but Ordinary. click his link and find out more about it. I personally find a decent amount of profit in huffing gas, i just wanted to get my cycle times as low as possible without spending silly isk on implants. I think ive an idea now to make my approach a little better


@Giddy_McFee yes, I checked the wiki link out 2 days ago when they posted it. Then I liked the post but didn’t comment. It probably would have save me a lot of time knowing that information. However my experience with Gas Mining overall has been very bad. IF I ever plan to do it again, I will ask my friend to join me in there with a big gunship of their choice. The first time I was interrupted by “sleepers” and the NPCs just never left the site all day long. This most recent attempt I lost a freebie Venture but the 2 gas scoops run 9 million in most systems. I can afford them but it cuts into any profits when you have to replace them. I think someone said 18 million per load? I never got a full load so I really can’t say. Most of my runs on gas has been 2 or 3 million and I get that much mining ores.

Sorry I am derailing the subject, but I am glad to hear you got it all worked out.

@John_Rochard yeah the NPCs spawn after 15/20 minutes on the other gas sites, just set a timer so you are aware when it is getting close and when they appear warp to a safe. in WH space keep dscanning too, i run gas sites with 3 characters in a fleet and am making some good isk

this may also help

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