Do you enjoy reading long posts and comments?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Dont know
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If the opening post begins with TL:DR summary which make me curious, is well formatted into paragraphs/headings, is witty but otherwise civill i will spend my time reading it.


Time is the cost.

I prefer a long well-written post than a short useless one.
I also prefer a short one for the same information.
(Yes, stricto sensu the long post adds the information on how the author would make a long post but his is not the information carried by the message but information about the message)


I both read and write ‘long’ posts and comments. I do understand that there are people who won’t make the effort (if ‘effort’ be the requirement) and that for them and others, Elinore’s suggestion of a summary might be useful.

I won’t vote though, because it is a survey of dubious relevance, given the likely sample set (I think that’s the term) - and because there would appear to no outcome which would be of interest to me.


If the long post has lot’s of helpful information and is correctly formatted, then it’s definitely enjoyable and more importantly, it’s worthwhile to read. Especially since that person took the time to do it right and share it with the community.


Define long.

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