Do you prefer the new or old forums? [POLL]

to what end?
I have no inclination to send a mail to myself but to satisfy curiousity, this is the result of changing it to my name; Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. - All in all, not at all useful…

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I’d rather read something than be bombarded with spam pics that mean nothing to anyone except the poster. Your pic is simple spam, it portrays nothing more than your inability to respond to a post.

Juvinile behavour on the forums needs to be curtailed. This isn’t twitter, it is meant to be a place where players can come to discuss Eve and if players are allowed to post shite like meaningless, unrelated pics (especially with no text) then these forums will degenerate into nothing more than Reddit/eve/2.

PS; If you can’t find words to describe what you want, Don’t post.
You managed to look up and find Incredulity (the state of being unwilling or unable to believe something) but you being unable to understand or believe something doesn’t give you the right to post off topic irrelevant pics.
You’re not funny, no matter what your mother says.

CCP need to sort out and lock down guidlines for posting NOW or these forums will turn into a joke that will easily rival the old forums.


I suppose overreaction is the new standard reaction, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Think you need to calm down a bit though.

If you’ve got a problem with something I post, I suggest you flag it for moderation.


I wonder how many CCP staff replied on that poll :roll_eyes:


I did.

If “overreacting” to spam posting is a bad thing, then these forums are doomed…

Self moderation; if you want to post spam do it on twitter, that’s what it’s for.

As for “Forum Moderation Policy” - Specifically Restricted Conduct - Posting anything that does not contribute to the topic (off topic posting) is not allowed. It’s just written in such a way as to make the whole section subjective and pointless.

What is “Off Topic”. So
CCP need to sort out and lock down guidlines for posting NOW or these forums will turn into a joke that will easily rival the old forums.


alternatively, you can participate in the likes thread and say whatever you want


Thankyou for nothing.

Giving likes due to some Spam thread started by a dev is the ultimate of BAD form.

These forums are taking big steps backwards every day.
There is a reason some people use likes - They help to find and follow decent posters - Logibro has broken the usability of these forums for many users.

I really have no idea why CCP bothered starting a new forum and then broke it within days of it being launched.
It’s not like it is a user friendly layout to start with, then a Dev removes the ability to find decent posts and those posting them…

what’s going on these days @Sgt_Ocker? You seem different


Using the LAGL thread is voluntary. If you want a “serious” character whose likes come from quality posting, just don’t post at the LAGL.

As for why Logibro started the thread, the original LAGL thread was started by a player, and it grew so large that it threatened to crash the servers because of the inner workings of the like system. Thus at one point the old thread was closed and CCP Logibro started a new one. This second LAGL thread also grew large enough to be a hurdle for the forum server, so it was closed and a third LAGL thread was started.

This means that, silly as it is, the LAGL thread is the most active in the forums and thus it’s the one most likely/suitable to stress test them.


I am a bit indifferent with the new forums. I do love that they are so much more mobile friendly where the old ones weren’t, so that’s nice. It also overall seems to be a lot smoother, performance-wise, that I can see.

One of my gripes is the avatar size on the new forums. In the old forums I loved seeing everyone’s avatars as I was scrolling through and reading posts. But the new sizes here are way to tiny and it’s hard to really see everyone.

My other gripe is the way replying works here. I would love to have a ‘pop-out’ option to pop out the reply window instead of having to be confined to the tiny box on the bottom.

A theme switcher would also be nice to change the view (perhaps switch between a ‘old-style’ theme and the new modern one). Would also love a lot more eve related emotes; much like we have on the tweetfleet slack. I think we got the parrot love taken care of :laughing:

So I have no real major gripes from me.



I do quite like some of the features of the new forum but the design and size is incredibly awfull for desktop use.

Everything is too big and too far apart, buttons and dropdown menus are enormous, almost like viewing a page designed exclusively for mobile use.

Its definetly great to use on a phone but on PC its just horrible.


I find your condescension, finger-jabbing and hectoring tone pretty tiresome, mate. So, while we’re on the subject of post quality and contribution to the forums, look inwards before you start laying down the law to me. Ta.


It must be down to screen resolution because on my monitor which is 2560 x 1440 it looks fine.

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Adding permissions to post images is just a way to gloss over the change because they could have easily added that as an option on the old forums. I won’t bother with my laundry list of specific criticism, instead I’ll just say that the new forums are awful.

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Im running a 2560x1080 monitor and everything is a lot bigger than on the old forum. Or any other forum i visit.

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Certain people could post images on the old forums. Mainly CCP staff. They had to avoid it, because the old forums could barely cope with text in a large thread let alone images.


So now we have a new forum that can cope with large threads, but those threads are barely manageable since they are spread over a infinite scroll and there’s no easy way to figure in which range should be a specific post.

Human are notably good at remembering “page n” but quite poor at remembering “I read that page n on date x”, thus a forum that uses dates for ranging messages essentially goes against ergonomics.

If it helps you can bookmark specific threads and/or posts. You can also use #, in the modal press post number and then enter.

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Click the link icon to the left or the reply button or the timestamp in the upper right corner of a post for a popup that gives you the post number, a permalink to the post, and the share buttons (as well as the incredibly useful reply as new topic button for when you want to go off on a tangent). Or look at the counter in the lower right corner on mobile (or on desktop while editing a reply), or look at the timeline (when it’s hidden, just click on the post counter and it will come back). Or grab the URL in the address bar, it changes as you scroll to show your current location. The discourse devs have gone to great lengths to do infinite scroll right, so that it improves navigation rather than making it impossible, this isn’t like Facebook or Twitter where there’s no hope of ever finding something again.

And you can also bookmark, as @ISD_Stall suggested.

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Or, they could have been sensible and given an option to not have that I suppose? Something akin to “pages”. I know, its a crazy thing, wanting something that exists everywhere else.