Do you think eves population is declining or incresing and why


Since you seem to have run out of words, I will consider the matter settled.

This is real talk right here :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :fire: :fire: :fire:

The game has been dying since 2003. You may as well donate everything to me and go tend your garden if you have one.


I think it decreased today :confused:

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I have a feeling it increased today :smiley:


Thank you! :nerd_face:

You actually watch the numbers like some nerd would or was that just an accurate guess due to your awesomeness?

means I only know it through a gut feeling.
But yes, I am awesome :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I like you.

I have a sense that the game is more dynamic, there certainly seems like more activity and more people.


There will be more activity Wednesday as I will be able to finally log in and undock!
There will also be one happy capsuleer as I fly to Losec seeking a fight I will lose. I think I will load some Isogen in the cargo, too, so he/she will have something to loot and feel like a champ!

Thank you. I think I’m a likeable person.

Aiko & Co. May not like this and give me grief for it but from the posts I read from you I can say I like you too. You have a good attitude and you don’t get nasty in the forum which is a plus in favor of your posts.
ISD didn’t like a post of mine today :confused:
Sorry, @ISD_Traindriver, I will watch that temper of mine a little more closely.



Is that 4.4% increase actually players or players purchasing alternate accounts or new bot accounts?

What do your charts say about increase in the number of accounts surrounding new releases where the increase drops back to a pre-new release number that is slightly higher than the numbers of accounts before the release?

Sounds like someone is creating alternate accounts just to boost account numbers.

Wormhole population is going to decline hard that’s for sure but null pop will go up.

why are you so salty about EVE increasing its player base numbers? is it perhaps because your retoric about “gankers killing the game” does not fit in here? :sweat_smile:

Time do keep piling up iskies! :money_mouth_face:

Certainly isn’t growing.

Seems to be the same numbers every time I log in… if I ever log in.

No idea but i do know that the ‘scarcity’ thing cost them a lot of paying customers. I know at least 6 people that quitte and didnt return. I myself quit for two years aswell and then returned. But with all the nerfing I feel I’m on the brink again to. It’s just not cool to spend two month training for something to have it nerfed back to zero again. I’d guess for decreasing then.

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Why do you think so?

declining , just more bot accounts being created , no one in my friends list has been on in over 10 yrs . back in the day I think we had it figured out that there were 19-21k online , and about 14k were just bots if you looked in jita rens amarr and dodixie . probably no more have joined since , just made more bot accounts for ganking and market

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