Do you think eves population is declining or incresing and why

You sure about that? Once Equinox changes are forced down everyone’s throats the amount of ratting viable space is going to drop drastically, and the ESS is still going to be there to nueter bounty payouts. But hey now leadership can extract goo without paying miners, and have a passive income in the form of moon mining fuel for lowsec.

Before the ESS bounties where always at 100% and never got higher its now over 100% so you are earning more bounties even with ESS than before ESS existed.

It looks certain that the population decreased by at least one player.

Looks as if ganking is still killing content! :popcorn:

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Still working as intended :popcorn:

Nathing wrong with the CCP at all. The sad part is this, nowdays gameing community. They dont wanna play with a good game. Everyone is a gamer for 2 hours/week. This game maded for no life or real gamers who can sit 3-24 hours front of the game. This maded for us who playing with passion. But look around whats happening in the gamer community. Look the popular game streamers. 1-2 day playing something then next game. And nowdays every game is a gender propaganda. Every game in the focus just with gender propaganda. The EVE is " uninteresting " because its a normal game. From 2000 to now the gamer community just grow so big and fast. But the quality is much worst. Maybe i am wrong but i think nathing wrong with the EVE or the CCP. They still making content and makeing a good game. And the CCP dont really need to do " more ", The EVE world it self a random content in every second. The problem the new players want everything take what is done, but when they need make itself the content then just turn away.
I think, but its only me. Little co-oping with the Star Citizen maybe bring some players here. You know not so wild just little promoting here and there. Just a little PR. Anyway the short form nathing wrong with the EVE online. This all about the new generation gamers.

Certainly there has been some change in gamers habits. The world changes and people change with it. In 2003 when EVE launched we didn’t all have smartphones that could play games, didn’t have Facebook and Youtube to waste our time on, didn’t have hundreds of thousands of other games out there doing their very best to get our attention.

Just keep in mind that nearly all the “old school” gamers who played EVE ‘back then’ are still out there and still gaming. They’ve just moved on to games that deliver more value to them than EVE does. They’re the exact same generation they were before, but their needs and values have changed along with the rest of the world.

CCP needs to continue to listen to their own (and their players’) advice: It’s EVE - adapt or die.


You just made up this nonsense with zero supportive evidence. The forum is full of this sort of thing…people just theorycrafting what they think everyone is doing, usually to suit whatever narrative they wish to portray.

The actual saying is:
There is no correct way to play EvE, but there is a wrong way to play.

I think the reduction of EvE players from 60k concurrent online characters to 30k is evidence enough to support her “nonsense” as you call it.

All I see from you is bragging on the forum and attacking members whose opinions contradict your rosy picture of this game, which is nonsense in itself.

I understand that you worship your CCP gods but you don’t need to shove your belief down everybody’s throat.

And before you use your favorite nonsense comeback of “There is no evidence you ever undocked” well, guess what, I’m a scout alt so if there were any evidence of my undocking that would mean I’m not doing my job correctly.

Another truth for you: Nobody cares how many kills you have so you can tone down the bragging and maybe bring something useful to the forum instead.

Happy Alt day!


So since windows 7 access being close how many dropped off after that and how many others that have abandoned windows as a whole couldn’t be bothered with Linux and the mess / new education to figure it out how to even get up and running.

i know there will be those stout loyal crusaders preaching for windows upgrades and scary viruses , "insert’ ( CLICK ON DUMB THINGS GET VIRUS ) no actual operating system but anyway keep the copulas scared, i digress.

So what impact has this had realistically ? or as usual over the years with ccp nothing to see here and no records were found, genuine tin foil hatters thoughts please.


Nope…that’s utter nonsense too. Lay off the Quafe.

Nah…I just grasp that with some players the situation is very much like this…


Make me. Oh…I forgot…none of you guys ever undock.

All you are grasping is your own hubris and self-importance.

Forum warrior indeed.

I guess you can barely read too, Mr. Pewpew.

Nah…simply pointing out that THE biggest whiners on the forum are invariably those who actually play the game the least. You sit there in dock and whine about a game you barely even play. Some of us actually undock more often than once a year !

Favorite word of the forum warrior. As if throwing that word about makes you better than anyone.
It’s a pathetic attempt to get a rise out of the dull-minded.

Rectification: I sit there in dock and pass on intel. But of course that’s too hard to understand for mindless f1 monkeys like you.

Oh wow, what an accomplishment! You take “risks” in a pixelated world. Ha-haaa!!

Well you did take the bait…didn’t you.

Rectification: You took the bait first :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah…now we’re down to the ‘nanananana’ level you have clearly conceded defeat. Yay…another forum killboard record.

Yes, I lost a match of forum PvP to a f1 monkey. Congratulations.