DOCKING text and new docking garbage sound. #CCPlease!

useless unnecessary inscription that blocks quite a large part of the screen
in design it’s called visual garbage
ССP please, make this text comfortable for long session playing your game (if you often docking in game, you dont want to see this garbage on your lawn )

docking sound consists of four parts of high frequency sound. worst sound ever in eve!
after hour gaming you need to close this game to avoid being tortured by high frequency sound.
CCP please cut this high frequency sound when docking, just please!

upd. if you want to save this garbage in game - make it optional in settings


Yes. Please remove or make it optional.


at first i dislike it
usually docking means that I’m not dead
10/10 Pavlov’s Dogs


At what point are you invulnerable?

Hey! We’re making some tweaks to the docking audio to make it a little less intense, especially for those with multiple accounts or who dock often. It should be in next week.

e: these changes were in as of 15 November!


some times people that do what i do get a timer that makes them unable to dock , usually that timer comes with a lot of taking fire , its not uncommon to dock on the last few hit points of the hull
so the new
big letters and big sound dock animation its calming to me
it means
you are ok


Please give us the option to remove it completely from the general game settings , just like you can remove Proton UI, new star map, etc.


EVE has sound?


The guy that introduced me to Eve never used the game’s sound. I always thought that was weird.

So much this :arrow_up:

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Just let us turn the damn thing off :+1:

We dont need a banner telling us we`re docking (most of us know that already)
And it definitely dont need to make ANY sounds…

Toilet cleaning duties at CCP HQ for at least a week To how ever`s idea this was :wink:


IMO, i dont think its garbage but it definitly gave me an assassins creed vibe :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m not too impressed with the Docking text flashing on the screen. However it does sorta add a bit more immersion into the game.

As for the docking sound, didn’t really notice it… probably due to my audio settings in Esc menu.

It’s probably so AFK’ers and autopilot users can hear when their ship docks while they are alt-tabbed out to Netflix…

like i said i kinda like it
so on /off toggle seems to be the way to go

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omg so much this … pleeeeeeeaaase make this optional


This hasn’t bugged me until today. I docked with a user station to pick up parts I purchased, the text “DOCKING” is stuck on my screen. I decided I would logoff to fix it… it appears in front of my 3 character profiles as well. I ended up quitting to reset the display.

The user station is “Botane - IChooseYou Market and Industry”, however I imagine it is standard throughout the game by now. Docking and undocking never was an issue to my knowledge, but I am still fairly new to this game. Maybe you need to tell us new users when we are under attack with BIG RED TEXT? I mean it isn’t like being hammered by those missiles and lasers are a dead give away. I am sure you can figure it out.

Hope you get that fixed sooner than later.

What about the content-blocking visuals?

Away with this garbage.

Give checkbox to deactivate this garbage.
Thanks in advance.