Does anyone know how much data Eve uses?

Due to location I may have to go to a mobile data type net connection for a while. If anyone knows how much data Eve uses per hour I will buy them a beer. I’m maintaining my omega status while I have been disconnected, but I am dying to get my factory humming and get some of the trash in my hangar onto the market . Please help…

I don’t think you’ll be able to get an exact answer because it depends on what you’re doing.

The general sentiment seems to be that Eve uses fairly little data when you’re playing, but it will vary depending on how much dynamic stuff is going on you need to be told about. Marketing your items and running industry in a station periodically should be a snap on almost any connection.

A different matter, though, is client updates. These can eat up a significant amount of data and will take a significant amount of time on a slow connection.

Sitting in a station with 27 people in local now is consuming less than 400 bytes/second nearly all the time and less than 50 much of the time, to give you a data point.

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You can measure it yourself. Hit ctrl-alt-shift-m to start the monitor in the client and switch to network. This wont keep track of the launcher tho. Any patch may bust your plan.


At one point in time I had a 4G data card with 2GB a month on it. It was enough to play eve every night for a couple of hours.

The updates takes took the most when there updates.

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Thanks an absolute million lords and ladies. I have been taking my laptop to a coffee shop to keep the game updated, as I found that updates to the client and EVE Portal 2019 run on a different port, so I have been able to maintain my skill que, mail my beloved corps, and watch my tier 1 frigates that I posted for trick or treat still selling daily. The thing is that they have port 6200 blocked, so no access to the actual game server. So I can fire up on wifi at the coffee shop, then switch to mobile Data if Commander Kanes figures are accurate. I really can’t afford an overcharge on my data because Canada has the most expensive cell service on Terra. Thanks everyone! You have allowed a broken old hermit to fly with his motley crew who have been his only friends through a long and difficult journey through illness! que Celine Dion “My VNI will go on!!!”

No problem.

I got the 2GB USB dongle for my PC while waiting for fibre. In South Africa those years 2GB cell data service was bloody expensive so I had to make it last.

To give and example, I used TS (TeamSpeak) and EVE every night. Just be aware of any other service on your laptop that might eat into that data. I learned the hard way the first month.

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I’ll be careful Commander. This old rig only has EVE and Chrome on it. I used it only for my hauling alt. Everything is disabled. I plan on being very cagey about my play until I’m sure I have everything absolutely nailed down. I likely won’t even undock until I have confirmed my usage rate is acceptable.

I play eve on a limited cellular connection and it doesn’t use much data when you are playing. What really consumes a good chunk data though is if you have to update your client. Sometimes they do many updates in succession and it blows through gigs.

I try to time certain updates (such as the OS) to be at the end of my billing cycle to consume all remaining data and then I have a full amount the next day when the month rolls over. You can also tell windows the connection is metered so that the OS doesn’t do an update unless you want it to.

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Hey, Al, thanks for chipping in… ctrl alt shift m showed me right away that gfl mentioned put my heart at ease, and since the update for the launcher and client isn’t blocked at most coffee shops with wifi, I can do updates there, all I have to remember is to not get greedy at server reset. The game only uses about .2 mb per hour, I’m just posting in case anyone else has the same question. EVE is totally fine to play on a mobile tether scenario, a month of flying wouldn’t even add up to a single hi definition YouTube video. It’s the updates and patches that will kill you though, to be sure. I dont dare hook up my real rig to mobile, but my Mad Max bare bones contraption is doing just fine. Thanks again to all in the thread who got me flying again. Friendship is the best ship!

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